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Tips to Lower Your Energy Bills During Summer - HVLS Fans | Loc8

Reduce your warehouse's energy consumption during summer by installing high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans. Read our tips to lower your high-energy bills.

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would take more than 10 to 20 fans to cover the same area coverage, not forgetting to mention the risks in conjunction with them. HVLS fans independently use low speed thus providing a more pleasing and appealing gentle breeze that poses no distraction in any given environment especially in the warehouse setting. Many different studies have proven that airspeed of 2 to 3 mph provides a sensation of cooling. This is a degree of 7- 11°F. For this to be put in perspective, an environment of 83°F is literally dropped to 72°F through an addition a 3 mph air moving fan. This simply means that HVAC systems actually do not literally have to function to provide a cooling sensation. Any worker at a warehouse industrial facility knows the importance of having a comfortable environment. Workers working under an uncomfortably hot or cold condition always experience fatigue and distraction and are error-prone consequently resulting in less productivity. They also do suffer from undermined morale and are at greater heat stress risk. Bonus benefits of Destratification HVLS ceiling fans function by slowly moving warm air low down to the floor level, in a place, it is required. This way, it reduces the effect of heat arising in levels. Thus, the air reaching the floor is naturally underneath the fans where it later moves in a horizontal direction above the floors but in just a few feet higher. Air that has eventually risen towards the ceiling is span again downwards. This mixing effect is commonly referred to as destratification and is a creator of air temperature that is uniform with probably a difference of one single degree from the ceiling to the floor. Warehouses or facilities that are HVLS fans equipped have a lower level of a burden because they have reduced their energy consumption, thus, saving money on the bills. Where to get these warehouse industrial fans in the UAE? Promote efficient airflow during summer by installing HVLS fans. Getting the perfect temperature to your warehouse requires an extra mile and not just having a perfect airflow. Unless your space is very small, maintaining even temperatures throughout the facility can be very challenging. Remember heated air always goes up; this can give you a clue on how to handle this issue. Heat always escapes through the ventilation of your warehouse, higher grounds of your environment either through your ceiling or vents. You would need an outside force to circulate this air faster so as to achieve that wanted temperature in summer. During cold seasons, you wouldn’t want the hot airs escaping but rather you want them brought down. HVLS fans can make this possible. And when it comes to competitive warehouse industrial fan price in the UAE, Loc8, in partnership with Rite-Hite, is your one-stop shop industrial fan supplier in Dubai. Also, on the list of supplies include warehouse supplies and equipment, industrial ventilation and warehouse racking solutions. They will also evaluate your system and give you other alternatives. Their well-trained engineers will do all the installation work for you so no need of hiring other

technicians. With their assistance, you will achieve the desired temperature for your facility while cutting down the energy cost. Contact them today for more enquiries about warehouse industrial fans and ventilation, or for any warehousing solutions. Call them at +971 4 368 1565 or send your requirements via email

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