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Tips to Lower Your Energy Bills During Summer - HVLS Fans | Loc8

Reduce your warehouse's energy consumption during summer by installing high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans. Read our tips to lower your high-energy bills.

Nonetheless, there has

Nonetheless, there has been an increased use of high volume, low speed (HVLS) fans by most facility operators. Its air movement efficiency and creating work comfort environment has elevated its use. A drawback, however, is that it’s not as convenient as the use of a regular AC thermostat alteration which temperatures can be changed at a switch.

But the question is whether there are excellent measures or technological systems that you can use to manage the skyrocketing energy costs this summer. Keeping a warehouse cool, for example, is done by a simple modification in air movement. This cannot be achieved by every cooling system in the market. The best fan is one that works with less energy, hence saving your electric bills. High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans work this way. They move huge columns of air, hence circulating air throughout the facility. They’re also known as Big Fans, which is true because the largest of these has a 24-feet diameter. Best for both hot and cold kinds of weather, HVLS fan will render your warehousing solutions by creating consistent temperatures. During summer’s hot temperatures, enacting the use of these big fans could reduce the temperature of your facility by 10 degrees. Their energy efficiency is undisputed as compared to hi-speed fans because of their minimal amp draw. You could even run these big daddies on solar to save up on electric bill costs. Keeping cool with HVLS Health-related risks could arise to both employees and patrons of a facility due to excess heat in the surrounding. A factory or firm can be affected directly as a result of exhaustion, temperature, and other heat-related complications. This is to say in other words that such complications create regulatory migraines that primarily affects the roots of the firm. In return, the firm’s morale and productivity are lowered.

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