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Tips to Lower Your Energy Bills During Summer - HVLS Fans | Loc8

Reduce your warehouse's energy consumption during summer by installing high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans. Read our tips to lower your high-energy bills.

The best case would be

The best case would be adding air- conditioning to your building though it would not be practical in consideration to configuration buildup and initial cost. HVLS fans are a great source of benefit to buildings which are intolerant to the heat menace, whether they possess A/C or not. Fans that are floor mounted have induced wind speed that causes risks. In addition to that, they pose additional stress because the level of their operation is noisy and nagging. In comparison to floor mounted fans, HVLS gives a more pleasant and pristine gentle breeze, saving relative energy. 7- 11 degrees F is a relaxing sensation made by airspeed of about 2-3 mph. For this to work effectively, an 84F effective temperature has to be dropped significantly to about 73F. To drop this 84F to 73F, a 3mph moving fan has to be added. Air moving at a higher speed of more than 5mph does not give out any appealing air breeze but rather proves to be disruptive. HVLS fans are technically advanced to move large capacity of air to areas of 22000 sf. This way it replaces fans of up to a total of 10 -20 floors, reducing cases of mishaps and ground clatters. A/C systems become effectively efficient when the air is mixed by using low HVLS fans. By this, they are made to function at a reduced set-point. Avoid heat stress this summer while saving too Heat stress could be manifested in various ways. No matter how minute such problems may seem, they are quite dangerous. Heat fatigue which is a less critical condition happens to drain away the workers’ concentration as well as lowering their output. Apart from heat fatigue, another condition known as heat rash occurs where the skin becomes irritated and agitated leading to severe pain. In this condition, the sweat ducts and glands become plugged too. Larger muscles, for instance, the abdomen, arms, legs, and back, that are active during work may experience heat cramps as a result of the stress from the heat. Other causes might also be prolonged sweating caused typically by electrolyte imbalance and dehydration. Improving comfort while reducing energy use

In regards to its affordability and practicality, the HVLS fans have hailed increased attention. It also has shown to be a factor of the solution in the reduction of heat stress, air movement improvement as well as bettering the environment control. Moreover, creating a good working condition in general. Low-speed HVLS fans have also appeared to be beneficial to engineers and designers by providing comfort. In addition, the fans have received recognition due to their ability to control the energy cost and increasing the employee’s output and productivity. It should be clearly known that HVLS fans have to be analyzed carefully on the type of fan design to capitalize on the merits. An indication of a company’s or an industry’s serious management is how much zeal and will they have in investing in their employees and ensuring their safety in a more professional way. Clearly, a healthy workplace signals care for the employees’ welfare and would create a good image of products they are manufacturing. All these have a direct significance on the impact on the bottom line of an organization. Warehouse Industrial Fans: Factors to consider for cooling needs prior to Summer Heat Just to have a look back question, was your facility facing any excessive heat difficulties last summer? If yes, then it is high time to consider a solution. Inadvertently, there will be a direct impact on the workers’ productivity and health in a warehouse should there be the existence of extremely high temperatures. Any subjection to excessive heat to your inventory of finished goods, materials and capital equipment’s conditions would be at a very high level of risk. This is why industrial fans come in handy as cost-effective and efficient solution. You would find industrial fans in a wide range of constructions and types. To select fans, look at size limitation, performance, and mounting configurations after comprehending your facility and its equipment that are in use and other factors before making up your mind on the industrial fan you want to use.

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