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Tips to Lower Your Energy Bills During Summer - HVLS Fans | Loc8

Reduce your warehouse's energy consumption during summer by installing high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans. Read our tips to lower your high-energy bills.

Other benefits that

Other benefits that arise from installation of industrial fans apart from improved comfort include: Steady temperatures LEED certificate Eligibility Reduced humidity Energy savings Improved HVAC efficiency Look at these 5 tips for next summer with the aim of checking utility bill and energy consumption reduction plans if you are focusing on your industry energy formulation. 1. HVLS Fans and HVAC: A Perfect Relationship A linkage of installation of HVLS fan and HVAC System

At about 75 degrees, you can use your AC and still can achieve the optimum cool breeze. Always turn off your cooling system at night when you are not at your facility. Less tear and wear is impacted on an HVAC system by installing an HVLS fan. However, lack of an HVAC system in your space cannot deter HVLS fans from improving airflow. Nonetheless, making these two fans work together could yield good results in cooling your environment this hot summer. Due to HVLS fan system, it can work as a perfect conditioning complement. While HVAC fans oozes cold air into the environment, HVLS fans works by effectively moving high volume of air – per minute. One 24′ HVLS fan can push up to 375,000 cubic feet. Conclusively, they are the perfect match: the cold air which is circulated by HVLS fans creates a cooling breeze of even up to 8 degrees. HVAC systems in conjunction with HVAC fans circulate air efficiently. HVLS fans of certain models can run for a minimum of 31 cents per day.

Reducing your energy cost by consumption based billing