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Tips to Lower Your Energy Bills During Summer - HVLS Fans | Loc8

Reduce your warehouse's energy consumption during summer by installing high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans. Read our tips to lower your high-energy bills.

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The set point of the thermostat can be increased totally dependent on your HVAC system. By doing this, there is lowering of power amount that is used to cool space. Energy consumption is decreased when there is adjusting of the thermostat. The decreased energy consumption could be up to 5%. In addition to HVLS upping health of any facility, they also add the value of a building by the regulation of temperatures. Buildings with poor air circulation have a problematic condition known as Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). For damage inventory, workers and equipment in a facility with lingering stagnant air, air pollutants, and harmful fumes possibly cause health risks to them. SBS is prevented by air circulation improvisation by HVLS fans that aid in pushing away air pollutants from a building. Sweating Slab Syndrome (SSS) is a complication that is encountered in buildings which can be done away with HVLS fans. SSS is caused when there is a difference of temperatures between the air surrounding the floor and the floor itself causes the buildup of moisture on floors and surfaces. It is this moisture that poses great harm to the floors’ structural integrity and the employees themselves. This is where HVLS fans come in by circulating air that helps in the reduction of deposition of water vapor on surfaces and floors. 2. Tune-Up Industrial Equipment and HVAC System To have total control on energy cost come this summer, you will have to check your equipment of climate control in order to be assured of its functionality at any given optimal level. Anything less than that, then the AC unit probably is just wasting good energy. Moreover, forklifts, conveyors, and machines amongst other equipment burn energy. A rule to consider is that anything that burns, moves or runs must be audited to ensure energy efficiency. 3. Maintenance of Your Facility to prevent Air Leaks Is your factory leaking air out? If yes, then there’s a no way out to reduce the consumption of energy for you. An additional tip is aiming at preventing heat via the windows of your facility. There is an existence of window coverings and treatments which typically aims at improving energy efficiency. 4. Utilize Free Summer days – Emanating Natural Lighting You may want to simply maximize the bill savings of your utility by using the sun as your electric source to run your fan. Does your buildings’ design allow root skylights? Switching off the lights daytime, whenever possible, allowing natural light illumination in your facility allows you to save energy substantially. 5. Carry out Factory Energy Audit

An energy audit performed by an expert would make you aware of utility bills that you are incurring that can be saved or even invested to make more profits. By conducting a thorough analysis of fuel, water, and electric bills and proper exploration of a building, you are shown how to exactly create an energy plan in an aim of reducing the consumption level of your warehouse. This is done by a consultant who is energy efficiencysavvy proceeding the summer months ahead of you. The right time to start the planning of your industries’ energy is springtime, which simply means that you must be ready with a program before the weather starts to warm up in order to reduce energy costs come the humid and hot months. Take it slow with HVLS However counter-intuitive it might seem, but the use of low-speed fans actually is a great source of help to buildings that have high ceilings. Courtesy of HVLS’ specially designed blades, fans can now effectively move air to places of 22,000 square feet. This is in comparison to others that

Reducing your energy cost by consumption based billing