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ESD Building Impacts

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Global Impacts 1962 Rachel Carson Silent Spring 1972 The club of Rome: The Limits to Growth 2006 Dr. Tim Flannery The Weather Makers 2011 Jared Diamond: Collapse Film culture RMIT University© 13/04/2018 School of Architecture + Design 10

Global Issues Ocean Acidification - Oceans have absorbed 25% of Global CO2 emissions - 0.1 pH Increase in acidity. - Modelled to quadruple by 2100 - 30% increase since 1800 - Results in… - Reduction in shellfish - Mass coral bleaching events "Ocean acidification is irreversible on timescales of at least tens of thousands of years, and substantial damage to ocean ecosystems can only be avoided by urgent and rapid reductions in global emissions of CO2. Attention must be given for integration of this critical issue at the global climate change debate in Copenhagen," Mr. Ahmed Djoghlaf, UN Scientist RMIT University© 13/04/2018 School of Architecture + Design 11

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