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The DevOps Void & Value Stream Mapping

Benefits of

Benefits of DevOps Value Stream Mapping • Baseline existing Operations • Standardise Operations • Identify Wastage • Highlight Operational Bottlenecks *non­automated • Lift Efficiency *continuous improvement If you want to know more about how to leverage VSM in your IT Environment or DevOps world then feel free to contact team enov8. Enov8 is a complete solution to IT Environment & Release Operations and embraces VSM as a foundation capability in its overarching environments & operations platform. A capability that ultimately drives being “agile with discipline” or “continuous delivery at scale”. Innovate with Enov8 If you are interested in learning more about IT & Test Environment Management and IT Release Management, contact us about EcoSystem. Enov8 EcoSystem is the worlds leading IT Enterprise Intelligence platform. EcoSystem is a fully configurable and easily integratable solution that comes with out of the box “enterprise management” functions that support IT & Test Environment Management, Release Management, Data Management, IT Operations Management, Configuration Management & Service Management.

Contact Us Address: enov8 (Headquarters) Level 5, 14 Martin Place Sydney 2000 NSW, Australia Phone: +61 2 8916 6391 Email: Website: Social­uQISFSuTK8mrZYq8_Jw

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