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Payal and Karishma....

Payal and Karishma.... my homies I bet You are the best thing that has happened to me here SAB BAHUT PYAARE HO! Song dedication to all of you: Never be Alone- Justice vs Simian This message is for all of us....Let's be a little less judgmental and more forgiving, hold a meager grudge and bore abundant love :)

To Sopan - Bhai you are the first person whom I met in MBA, two months prior to the start of our college. Our friendship grew since then, you are my little brother and I have a huge respect and love for you. Our tag - "Karan & Arjun" will be unforgettable and wish we will stay connected throughout our life. You are a great person and wish you achieve all that you aim for. I will always be there for you anytime..anywhere. Stay same and keep smiling mere bhai!! To Hima - You are my best friend whom I can believe blindly, in short you are my go to person. You have been there as a good friend whenever I needed, may it be in good time as well as during bad times. You are a matured and sensible person with whom I can discuss anything freely and the best part is that you understand me as a person. I always brag about my creativity and drawings, but have to admit one thing here - Your creativity and drawing skills are another level and one of the best in business. The "Joker" you drew during All is well was a master piece. Keep painting and smiling. All the best for your future and stay in touch. @Drishtee - You are a true star! Your intelect + grace + innocence is a deadly combination which makes u a super woman. Always stay the same! Waiting to see u reach heights much much higher than JLL could ever have. First of all, a roadies salute to Dalmia, Bharat, Shekhar for literally showing us what thug life is. There were few others too but these guys top the list. No matter what people say, Archie n Dev have been great CRs. Conflicts happen, its not easy to take along so many people in everything you do. Good job you two. I wish the demarcation between hosteliers and day scholars wasn't so huge. Thankyou kemmi and bist for taking up this initiative that we'll cherish for years to come. I hope all of us stay in touch keeping our busy lives at bay. All the best to each one of us. Song

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