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April 11 - April 17 , 2018 This week in Gay Palm Springs California, Desert Daily Guide

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DDG Archives April 23 1999 Remembering Dear Pubert. and not like you? Maybe this is a lesson you need to learn, and hopefully you’ve got the right “Daddy” to teach you. Dear Pubert, What’s wrong with just being a big I’m not much for role playing or bottom? If it’s what you like and what domination, but my latest boyfriend has you’re good at, then why not? If Daddy’s me reconsidering this. He’s very much happy, then you should be happy. into the Daddy/Boy lifestyle as well as You may want to let this guy know that being a very hot man. Part of me enjoys you do enjoy being top at times. He being dominated, playing the “boy”, may want to bring in another boy for while another part is uncomfortable. you to top or may want you to top him. I haven’t discussed this with him because (Even daddies need daddies.) You could I just don’t want to ruin the scene. I’d discuss it sometime when it won’t upset rather work it out and continue to see the scene. him or, if I can’t get comfortable, stop Something you may not have considered seeing him. I think it’s my thing to deal is that you could learn how to be a with, not his. “Daddy” from this guy. Expert bottoms I think my discomfort with being the make good tops because they know “boy” stems from the perception that it what works and what feels good. This means I’m a big bottom and that it’s all I experience could make you that much want or am capable of. I enjoy being a top more versatile. and bottom equally. I don’t want others to assume I’m only another twinkie. When it comes to domination, a question I do want to keep seeing this guy, so how you need to ask yourself is how much can I let loose and be comfortable? you trust this guy. The more you trust To Boy or not to Boy him, the more comfortable you can be. Dear Boy, Allowing yourself to be dominated, First, you’ve got to let go of your concern letting someone else take control can for what other people think. If you don’t, be very exciting and disconcerting you’ll never be comfortable because there at the same time. (A thrill I treasure will always be someone who doesn’t whenever it occurs.) If he can bring you understand or approve of what you’re to your limits, right to that edge without doing. If they put you down for being the overstepping, I think you’ll find it’s a trip “boy”, they are probably jealous of you well worth taking. being with this “hot” guy and secretly wish they were in your place. You may never be completely Second, I’m curious to know what you comfortable with this guy, but that might think of other “boys” who are out there. not be a bad thing. It could keep the fire Do 26 you think The original they are Gay all Desert just twinkies Daily Guide. View burning our HOT! Free Digital 1999Version on-line.

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