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April 11 - April 17 , 2018 This week in Gay Palm Springs California, Desert Daily Guide

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THE LAST WORD by Greg Pettis Well, another week has gone by and the USA has not started a new war. Not for lack of trying by the President though. He has slapped tariffs on many, many countries - largest of all is China with hundreds of millions of dollars on quite a few products. Steel, aluminum, food products and more. Of course, China and others are already retaliating. What does this mean to us? Higher prices on all goods that have had tariffs raised, regardless of which country imposed them. Car prices, food stuffs, aluminum, steel, and on and on. This will also be devastating to US farmers, rust belt industries and more. We will probably see significant job losses, businesses close and some states may fall into recession. The stock market is already feeling the effect of these actions. On immigration, Trump has not been happy with the amount of money that Congress will appropriate for his mythical wall, so he is sending the National Guard to be a human wall. Of course, having part time soldiers with automatic weapons would never have unforeseen consequences. As the week ended, Trump announce the wanted our troops out of Syria within 6 months. This emboldened Assad, who immediately launched a chemical weapon attack on a province in Syria that has been part of the resistance. Now Trump must decide what to do and he has no NATIONAL security Advisor, no Secretary of State, no CIA Director. I guess Jared is advising his father-in-law. God help us. he likes being spanked. Locally, elections are heating up. Rancho Mirage has it’s city election this week. Supervisor and state races are in June. Our area is becoming a fundraising Mecca. Organizations like Human Rights Campaign and Victory Fund have held events here for years, but now candidates are coming. State Treasurer candidate Fiona Ma (D) was here last week and Governor candidate and current State Treasurer, John Chiang (D) will be here next week. We all know the dire need for affordable housing, nut it even more acute in the veteran’s population. Cathedral City is working on that and is partnering with Urban Housing Communities to build 60 units on Landa Blvd. This will be a $27 million-dollar project. We have All but $2.3M committed, but that seems to be in reach. It is anticipated to break ground early next year. The VA will be proving services on sight, including two case workers. This will be a great boost for the West Valley. Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia is authoring a bill to designate the LGBT Veterans Memorial in Cathedral City as the official state Memorial. Mayor Stan Henry and I will be flying up to Sacramento to meet with the Assemblyman and lobby the legislators. That’s it for this week. Keep on resisting. Greg Pettis is a 22 year city councilman in Cathedral City. Greg was the first openly gay elected city council members In Riverside County. He has served on the boards of the National League of Cities and the League of California Cities and as President of the Southern CA Association of Governments. The Mueller investigation continues to heat up, more indictments, more guilty pleasure and most tantalizing, more prostitutes! So now we have learned that not only is the President a liar, 46 The original Gay Desert Daily Guide. View our Free Digital Version on-line.

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