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Dr. Clark Research Association Springmailing 2018

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VARIZAPPER 2.0 & VARIGAMMA 2.0 – 15% INTRODUCTORY DISCOUNT VARIZAPPER 2.0 AND VARIGAMMA 2.0 New functions and improved performance Frequency applications are one of the four pillars of Dr. Hulda Clark's protocol. The VariZapper/VariGamma frequency generators are the most advanced tools for these applications. The new models feature some innovations and improvements: Higher precision thanks to the latest generation of electric components. No more disposable batteries. The device features an internal rechargeable battery. Longer usage time per charge Pre-program battery check: You’ll never have to stop a program because of a flat battery ever again. An automatic message will warn you if your battery level is too low to make it through the program. Easiest handling thanks to a larger screen with higher resolution. Upload the program drivers into the library once, and you’ll have them available on the device forever. New program drivers can be loaded at low cost via a Smartphone app using NFC technology – Program driver cards are no longer necessary (but still available for those who prefer them to the Smartphone app) User-friendly – with a rotating wheel to handle most commands Order yours at using the discount code: SP18 NOW A 15% INTRODUCTORY OFFER VARIZAPPER 2.0 VARIGAMMA 2.0 $ 329 $ 649 $ 279.65 $ 551.65 PROGRAM DRIVERS FOR THE VARIZAPPER 2.0 AND VARIGAMMA 2.0 VARIZAPPER 2.0 AND VARIGAMMA 2.0 New cards for the VariZapper/VariGamma 15% INTRODUCTORY DISCOUNT! 20% FROM THE 3RD PROGRAM DRIVER Take advantage of your Vari device’s intelligence! The program driver cards are pre-programmed with up to 30 different frequencies. Simply insert the cards into your VariZapper 2.0 or VariGamma 2.0, and load the program onto your new device. The programs are then saved in the device – no need to re-insert the cards. The programs are pre-programmed for 63 purposes, facilitating full and more targeted use without the need for programming, and also enabling you to enjoy more than just the standard programs already on the device. Save 20% when purchasing 3 or more program drivers for the new-generation VariGamma 2.0 or VariZapper 2.0. IMPORTANT NOTICE for SMARTPHONE users with NFC technology: You can now also upload programs through our App to your Vari device using the NFC technology, and thus save time and money. Order yours at using the discount code: SP18 $ 15 $ 12.75 Order yours at using the discount code: SP18

REPLACE OLD WITH NEW AND PROFIT HOW IT WORKS: 1. Cut out the return card for the VariZapper/VariGamma or program driver and fill it out! 2. Send it, along with the device and/or program cards, to the following address: Dr. Clark Research Association c/o Mountain Meadow Herbs 019 Hard Rock Rd Somers, MT 59932-9792 United States 3. We’ll send you the new device and/or new program drivers to the promotional prices listed below. REPLACE OLD WITH NEW AND PROFIT! DEVICE PURCHASED* DISCOUNT % ORIGINAL PRICE PROMOTIONAL PRICE VARIZAPPER 2.0 More than 2 years ago 40% $ 329 $ 197.40 More than 1 year ago 50% $ 329 $ 164.50 Less than 1 year ago 65% $ 329 $ 115.15 VARIGAMMA 2.0 More than 2 years ago 40% $ 629 $ 377.40 More than 1 year ago 50% $ 629 $ 314.50 Less than 1 year ago 65% $ 629 $ 220.15 PROGRAM DRIVER 2.0 | PROGRAM DRIVER APP 2.0 Program Driver 2.0 65% $ 15 $ 5.25 Program Driver APP 2.0 100% $ 5 $ 0 *As per invoice or device age Order yours at using the discount code: SP18

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