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Elim Leaders Summit Programme 2018

The Elim Leaders Summit provides a unique opportunity to encourage and inspire Elim leadership teams and individuals, bringing them together for greater effectiveness wherever they serve. The summit helps both full-time and volunteer Elim leaders by going beyond inspirational teaching and providing practical, equipping resources that help to sharpen their own personal ministry.


FORUMS DARE TO HOPE? Tuesday 11:00am Auditorium We arrive at a conference with a mix of expectancy and familiarity. We’ve heard much of it before, and we’ve been “on the edge of the breakthrough” too many times... so what will it take? LEON EVANS Leon is the Lead Pastor of Life Central Church (Halesowen) and as a ‘local lad’ has a passion for not only the local church but also for the region and beyond. The Church is now ‘multi site’ meeting in 3 locations with a newly refurbished building and extensive community work impacting hundreds of people every week. Leon founded the youth charity Phase Trust and also has a passion for leadership development locally and overseas. Married to Allison they have 2 sons; love films, good food, live music and Aston Villa (somebody has to!) SEX, THE GOSPEL AND THE REVOLUTION: HOW CAN WE TELL A BETTER STORY? Tuesday 2:15pm Auditorium The sex revolution, rooted in a powerful cultural narrative of authenticity and freedom, has brought about far-reaching changes in attitudes to sex, marriage and gender. In this challenging context, how can Christians who hold to biblical teaching begin to craft a narrative that wins hearts as well as minds? GLYNN HARRISON Glynn Harrison was formerly Professor and Head of Department of Psychiatry, University of Bristol, where he was also a practicing Consultant Psychiatrist. He now speaks widely on issues at the interface between Christian faith and psychology, pastoral ministry and psychiatry. He and his wife Louise are members of Emmanuel Church, a plant from Christ Church, Clifton. His new book ‘A Better Story: God, sex and human flourishing’ is published by IVP. 18

ORDINARY PEOPLE, ORDINARY CHURCHES - THE HOPE OF THE WORLD? Wednesday 9:15am Auditorium In a broken and fractured world, the challenge for us ordinary people in local church is to be Christ’s ambassadors and ministers of reconciliation. We are invited to participate in God’s re-making of our world. What does this mean for our relationships, communities, wider world and culture? KIERA PHYO Kiera has recently started working for Archbishop Justin Welby in his Reconciliation Ministry; where she is Director of the Reconciling Leaders Network and is developing a global movement of peacemakers. Previously she worked at Tearfund for over a decade, pioneering a lifestyle response to global poverty and leading their engagement with an emerging generation. She regularly broadcasts on BBC Radio 2 as a Pause for Thought contributor. She is a trustee of The Cinnamon Network and Fusion. Kiera lives in London with her young family. THE NEED TO LEAD IN PUBLIC LIFE Wednesday 11:30am Auditorium Why is it vital to see believers in every sphere of society who are intentional about leading change for the glory of God? How can the church cultivate these public leaders? DAVE LANDRUM Dr. David Landrum is the Director of Advocacy at the Evangelical Alliance UK. His work involves public policy, theology, research and media. He is a frequent contributor on Christian and secular media on a range of social and political issues. He has an academic background in political philosophy and previously worked in Parliament for over ten years. He is passionate about Christian social and political engagement, and his interests include public leadership, religious liberty, citizenship and religion, identity in plural society, post-secularism and postliberalism. 19

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