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Elim Leaders Summit Programme 2018

The Elim Leaders Summit provides a unique opportunity to encourage and inspire Elim leadership teams and individuals, bringing them together for greater effectiveness wherever they serve. The summit helps both full-time and volunteer Elim leaders by going beyond inspirational teaching and providing practical, equipping resources that help to sharpen their own personal ministry.


FORUMS DUST IT OFF Wednesday 4:30pm Auditorium As leaders, we all have to learn to master the ability to move on well from the inevitable “dust” of disappointment of leading in church and ministry, failures and successes and what people think and say. Through 35 years of leadership experience, John will share how everyone can learn to do this well. Invaluable insight for all leaders in whatever capacity they serve. JOHN KIRKBY John Kirkby began CAP in 1996 with only £10 and a passion to see the poor set free. Together with CEO Matt Barlow, he has led the charity and seen it grow to transform over 21,500 lives every year. With 25 years of leadership experience including planting and team-leading the Light Church, John was named Sunday Times Best Leader, alongside Matt. His heart is to inspire others to unlock their own potential by looking honestly at the challenges faced in leadership. THE JOURNEY AHEAD Thursday 9:15am Auditorium There is a journey ahead for you, but that journey will require new strategies, new methods and new mindsets. We cannot fight tomorrow’s battles with yesterday’s thinking. Are you prepared to embrace the change needed in order to step in to the journey ahead? BOYD RATNARAJA Boyd moved to New Zealand from Sri Lanka with his family when he was 16 years old. Boyd has been on staff at Elim Christian Centre for the past sixteen years. In 2009, he and his wife became Lead Pastors of the South campus. Since that time the church has grown to be the second largest in Elim New Zealand. Boyd has served on the National Leadership team of Elim NZ since 2011 and was elected as National Leader in October 2017. He is married to Sharon and they have a son. 20

DEAR 26 YEAR OLD ME Thursday 11:30am Auditorium Ben will chronicle how he grew Hope for Justice from a standing start to the global anti-trafficking organisation it is today as part of God’s mission, sharing his leadership lessons for anyone who is developing their own team. BEN COOLEY Ben Cooley co-founded Hope for Justice in the UK in 2008 to bring an end to modern slavery and human trafficking. He rapidly grew it into a multi-award winning charity with strong links with governments and police forces, with a mission to bring an end to modern slavery by rescuing victims, restoring lives and reforming society. His team now includes former senior investigators and detectives, a former member of the UK National Police Chiefs Council, lawyers, social workers, and communications and policy experts. 21

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