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Elim Leaders Summit Programme 2018

The Elim Leaders Summit provides a unique opportunity to encourage and inspire Elim leadership teams and individuals, bringing them together for greater effectiveness wherever they serve. The summit helps both full-time and volunteer Elim leaders by going beyond inspirational teaching and providing practical, equipping resources that help to sharpen their own personal ministry.


SEMINARS UNDERSTANDING GDPR AND HOW IT AFFECTS YOUR CHURCH Wednesday 2:15pm Harewood Suite The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the biggest change to Data Protection for years and is coming into force on the 25th May. It has major implications for how organisations store and process personal data. In this seminar you will understand some of the different elements that make up GDPR and how it specifically affects churches. KYLE COTTINGTON MAKING THE MOST OF PRAYER Wednesday 3:30pm Harewood Suite The Disciples asked Jesus, ‘Teach us how to pray’. It was one of the only things they asked to be taught. So often we talk about a ‘prayer life’ but what would a life of prayer look like, inspired by the life and teaching of Jesus? How can we, with the Spirit’s help, grow and persevere in prayer? How do we best connect with the Father and engage in life transforming prayer? Let’s explore these questions together and make the most of prayer. LIFT THE LID Thursday 12:45pm Harewood Suite An exciting and innovative resource to support the teaching of Christianity in schools through the local church. This exciting project, which has enjoyed wide success in North Yorkshire, is now being offered to churches and schools nationwide. See how our resources can help you support your local schools and enhance your church’s children and youth work. BECKY IBBOTSON Becky started Lift the Lid with the goal of creating inspiring and exciting educational resources that help pupils explore the Christian faith. 26 Kyle Cottington runs the UK’s Leading Christian Software Company working with churches around the country. Due to the large amount of personal data that churches store in iKnow Church, iKnow has been working on GDPR since Summer 2017. SARAH WHITTLESTON Sarah Whittleston is one of the Pastors at Elim Life Church, a multi-site church in North Birmingham. In May 2018 she becomes leader of ‘Lift Up’ Elim’s National Prayer Network. MANDY HEAD Mandy has recently joined Lift the Lid to head up the development of their Secondary School resources and brings with her 30 years experience of teaching RS to secondary school students.

A CALL TO MISSION Wednesday 9.45-10.45pm Auditorium HOW TO BE AN EXCELLENT SUPPORT LEADER Thursday 2:15pm Harewood Suite Remembering the Elim Missionaries who surrendered all, inspiring our movement with a future of Global Mission. In collaboration with Elim Sound and Richard Hasnip, Elim Missions presents ‘A Call To Mission’; a call to action through an evening of worship, preaching and drama, to see the Church surrender to our Saviour’s call to ‘go to all the world.’ No leader can lead alone over the long term. Every great leader needs excellent support leaders around them who will help them in leadership. In this session Pete Read and Jamie Lavery will explore this plural team dynamic and how you can be an excellent support leader to a main leader and team overall. JAMIE LAVERY Jamie Lavery has been Lead Pastor at Elim Crawley since January 2016, having previously led the Elim church in Hoddesdon. PETE READ Pete Read has extensive experience within leadership and pastoral ministry and currently serves as Vice Principal of Regents. 27

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