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Elim Leaders Summit Programme 2018

The Elim Leaders Summit provides a unique opportunity to encourage and inspire Elim leadership teams and individuals, bringing them together for greater effectiveness wherever they serve. The summit helps both full-time and volunteer Elim leaders by going beyond inspirational teaching and providing practical, equipping resources that help to sharpen their own personal ministry.

Masters Degrees “The

Masters Degrees “The responsibility to grow is so important to me. Taking a Masters Degree at Regents deepened my understanding of leadership, and opened my mind to new ideas that practically apply to the local church context”. Duncan Clark Senior Pastor, Coventry Elim National Leadership Team #WhyRegents Training Leaders Transforming Lives 2 For a full list of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, come visit the Regents Stand

CONTENTS WELCOME TO THE 2018 ELIM LEADERS SUMMIT WELCOME 3 WHAT’S ON 4 GENERAL INFO 7 OFFERING 8 MAP 11 DAILY PROGRAMME 12 EXHIBITION SPACE 15 CELEBRATIONS 17 FORUMS 18 SEMINARS 23 A CALL TO MISSION 27 YOUNG LEADERS 30 CHILDREN’S WORKERS 32 WORSHIP LEADERS 34 I am delighted to welcome you to the Leaders Summit 2018. God has placed a passion in our hearts for us to fulfil our calling together as a Movement. That’s why a gathering like this is so significant. We come together not simply for another Conference but with a deep desire to seek God and prepare ourselves more effectively for Elim’s future. I pray that over these days you will enjoy rich fellowship, experience the power and presence of the Holy Spirit and renew your commitment to serve God’s purposes with creative and courageous faith in the season ahead. Chris Cartwright General Superintendent Charity no. 251549 (England & Wales) SC037754 (Scotland) Free WiFi Complimentary 0.5Mb unsupported Wi-Fi is available throughout the building. Open your web browser and accept the terms and conditions and you will automatically be logged in. 3

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