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AN310 Cultural Anthropology Exam 2 Answers (Ashworth College)

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makes life easier but doesn't improve the quality of the information gathered. Question 5 / 5 points 6 Children have the MOST tasks in which mode of livelihood? Question options: Horticulture Pastoralism Industrialism/digital economy Intensive agriculture Question 5 / 5 points 7 Compared to the foraging mode of livelihood, the industrial/digital economy mode of livelihood: Question options: produces goods in response to consumer demand. employs people in manufacturing and service industries. is the production of goods through mass employment in business and commercial operations. All of the above Question 5 / 5 points 8 Culture shock occurs when: Question options: an anthropologist finds that he/she learns the local language more easily than expected. you discover, to your surprise, that you really like living in another culture. a person has shifted from one culture to another. two different cultural groups compete with each other. Question 5 / 5 points 9 Compared to Malinowski's research in the Trobriands, Weiner's restudy addressed: Question options: women's lives. changing leadership patterns. the rise of HIV/AID.S. the high rate of suicide. Question 5 / 5 points 10 The gender division of labor in the agricultural mode of livelihood: Question options: is more segregated than in temperate foraging societies. is most egalitarian of all modes of livelihood. involves highly overlapping tasks for males and females in most societies. means that men work more hours and women work fewer than in horticulture. Question 5 / 5 points 11 Maintaining the fallow period is essential for the sustainability of which system? Question options: Horticulture Agriculture Pastoralism Foraging Question 5 / 5 points 12 The research method in cultural anthropology that involves living in a culture for an extended period while gathering data is: Question options: the inductive method. archival research. participant observation. life history.

Question 5 / 5 points 13 Which mode of livelihood has characterized MOST of human existence? Question options: Pastoralism Foraging Agriculture Horticulture Question 14 5 / 5 points In the Trobriand Islands, the British colonialists substituted which activity for local warfare? Question options: Christianity Village dances Boat racing Cricket Question 5 / 5 points 15 A key factor that helps in selecting a research project is: Question options: finding a topic that has been neglected by previous researchers. a certain degree of intuition and luck. relating to a current issue of importance such as refugee movements. All of the above Question 5 / 5 points 16 In foraging societies, the division of labor is NOT: Question options: differentiated by age. flexible. characterized by social class mobility. more gender-differentiated in circumpolar environments than in temperate environments. Question 5 / 5 points 17 The two MOST important factors on which the division of labor is based in horticultural societies are: Question options: age and race. gender and race. age and gender. gender and class. Question 5 / 5 points 18 Pastoralism: Question options: is a mode of livelihood based on domesticated animal herds and the use of their products, such as meat and milk. is the oldest way of making a living. has more occupational specialization than agricultural societies. originated first in the New World. Question 5 / 5 points 19 Mongolian pastoralists of the former Soviet Union are now adjusting to: Question options: the market economy. having to become citizens of China. a collectivized system of agricultural production. loss of their herds from foot and mouth disease. Question 5 / 5 points 20 A cause of change in the family farming system of the Maya in Chiapas, Mexico, was:

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