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AN310 Cultural Anthropology Exam 3 Answers (Ashworth College)

AN310 Cultural Anthropology Exam 3 Answers (Ashworth

AN310 Cultural Anthropology Exam 3 Answers (Ashworth College) BUY HERE⬊ 0-cultural-anthropology-exam-3- answers-ashworth-college/ AN310 Cultural Anthropology Exam 3 Answers (Ashworth College) Exam 3 AN310 100 Grade 5 / 5 points Question 1 A study of consumption patterns among low-income African-American schoolchildren in New Haven, Connecticut, revealed that: Question options: the children do not understand the negative effects of overspending when money is available. the children learn practical lessons about household finances at a young age. their consumption patterns are similar to those of white middle-class children. girls spend most of their money on clothes for themselves when they shop in a mall. Question 5 / 5 points 2 The major item of exchange between the Lese and Efe is: Question options: children. food. water. cloth. Question 5 / 5 points 3 Inequalities in consumption: Question options: are generally more marked in industrial/informatic societies than in non-industrial societies. are often influenced by age. are related to class differences in income level. have increased in post-Soviet Union societies. Question 5 / 5 points 4 A cause of increased social inequality is: Question options: privatization in the former USSR. the transition from foraging to settled ways of making a living. the emergence of agriculture. All of the above Question 5 / 5 points 5 Below-replacement-level fertility is characteristic of the __________ mode of livelihood.

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