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BU450 LEADERSHIP SKILLS Exam 2 Answers (Ashworth College)

Western employees expect

Western employees expect to participate in decision making. Groups are wasteful and inefficient. Employee motivation results from the leader removing obstacles. Question 5 The substitute for leadership model has increasing applications to many organizations as they: Question options: implement the use teams. select leaders with certain traits. teach leaders to be both considerate and provide structure. move to other cultures. Question 6 According to group dynamics research that is the basis for the Normative Decision Model: Question options: groups make better decisions. well trained groups make faster decisions than individuals. leaders get better results when they rely on groups. participation in decision-making leads to commitment. Question 7 The key issue in keeping in-groups productive is: Question options: the leader's personality. the followers' personality. how in-group members are selected. the quality of the LMX. Question 8 Having a clear task that provides direct feedback to follower serves as a substitute for: Question options: leader consideration behaviors. organizational policies. leader structuring behaviors. leader's lack of power. Question 9 Anwar is a task-motivated leader who is in a high situational control environment. Based on Fiedler's Contingency Model, he is likely to: Question options: be tense, overbearing, and over controlling. be confident, considerate, and focused on removing obstacles. be considerate, open to suggestions and concerned with resolving conflicts. Be directive, serious, and with little concern for others. Question 10 The modern scientific study of leadership can be divided into three eras. These are: Question options: trait, behavior, contingency.

charismatic, visionary, exemplary. case studies, research, theory building. personality, event-based, complex analysis. Question 11 According to Fiedler, __________ is the most important factor in any leadership situation. Question options: leader-member relations task structure follower maturity position power Question 12 Employees who do not have a high quality LMX are likely to experience one of the following. Question options: ssignment to challenging tasks A lot of positive and negative communication from their leader Limited interaction with the leader High performance expectations Question 13 In the _________ decision style, the leader makes the decision alone, with or without information from the group. Question options: autocratic individual consultative group Question 14 Which of the following factors contributed to the development of the behavior approach to leadership? Question options: the need to find leaders during World War II the development of personality testing the use of behavioral surveys to measure traits access to military leaders Question 15 Prior to the industrial revolution, the study of leadership relied on: Question options: scientific studies. intuition and description. case analyses. the trait approach to understand leaders. Question 16

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