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BU450 LEADERSHIP SKILLS Exam 3 Answers (Ashworth College)

leaders often give up

leaders often give up their power willingly. power sharing works well in most cultures. Question 5 __________ is the Big Five personality dimension that is important in jobs such as management that require social interaction. Question options: Emotional intelligence Extraversion Openness to experience Agreeableness Question 6 A team leader focuses on assuring that his team members have the latest expertise not available elsewhere in the organization. He is using which organizational source of power to assure that his team has power? Question options: centrality organicity substitutability coalition building Question 7 Which one of the following influences a person's value system? Question options: abilities skills leadership culture Question 8 Which one of the following have been found to be relatively universal values? Question options: Individuality and individual dignity Personal achievement and performance Fairness and honesty Desire for recognition and rewards Question 9 __________ is one of the influence tactics that rely on all sources of personal power. Question options: Pressure Personal appeal Consultation Rational persuasion Question 10 The concept of __________ suggests that teams gain power based on their ability to remove obstacles for others. Question options: strategic contingencies

shared power empowerment coalition building Question 11 Older generations in Western Europe and the U.S. tend to __________ than younger generation. Question options: bemore suspicioius of authoriy have a stronger sense of cultural superiority be more independent be more tied to their parents and family members Question 12 Which of the Big Five personality dimensions is most strongly correlated to job performance? Question options: concientiousness emotional intelligence openness to experience agreeableness Question 13 Locus of control is an indicator of: Question options: how much control a person needs. how much contril a person feels he/she has. the control level of leaders. control available in the situation. Question 14 Marta has just been appointed to a top level executive position in her company. Which of the following leadership skills is she most likely to need and use? Question options: technical interpersonal conceptual organizational Question 15 Which of the following best describe Type As? Question options: Type As are strategic thinkers who are proactive. Type As try to do more in less time. Type As are willing to cut corners to achieve their goals. Type As are good at persuading others. Question 16

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