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BU450 LEADERSHIP SKILLS Exam 6 Answers (Ashworth College)

Reward cooperation.

Reward cooperation. Assign a formal leader. Question 5 Self-managed teams use leadership based on: Question options: cooperation. consideration. shared responsibility facilitation. Question 6 Li Wei is under pressure to make a quick decision on a project with which she has considerable expertise and experience. Her team is inexperienced and generally supportive, and she needs the members' strong commitment to implement her decision. In this situation, Li Wei should: Question options: make decisions by herself. allow for employee participation. seek more information. delegate the decision to the group. Question 7 In teams, members often share: Question options: a culture. norms. history. personal experiences. Question 8 __________ is intended to teach team members to monitor, assess and correct their behavior in the team. Question options: Self-guided correction Cross training Coordination training Assertiveness training Question 9 Genencor International started its employee participation program: Question options: when they built a new headquarters. after the leadership team took a trip to Japan. after they hired a new CEO. as a routine part of doing business. Question 10 Participation may be undesirable in all of the following situations EXCEPT when: Question options: follower commitment is not necessary.

the tasks are complex and quality is important. time is of the essence. interaction between leader and followers is restricted. Question 11 __________ are more likely to find it difficult to delegate task to their followers. Question options: Experienced managers Relationship-oriented leaders Leaders who have trouble developing positive LMX Type A leaders Question 12 Instead of team-based management, Australian researchers have proposed the concept of __________ to involve individuals in teams in Western cultures. Question options: collaborative individualism self-leadership participation transformational leadership Question 13 The leadership traits identified by IBM to revive the company include which of the following? Question options: being a visionary developing people and enabling growth being able to take charge having both task and people skills Question 14 Which underlying factor may be a contributing factor to leader's inability to delegate? Question options: follower's personality leader's personality organizational policies organizational culture Question 15 Leaders should generally not delegate which type of tasks or decisions? Question options: Strategic decisions Personnel decisions Manufacturing tasks Quality control Question 16 The use of teams in the U.S. was triggered by: Question options: globalization.

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