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BU450 LEADERSHIP SKILLS Exam 8 Answers (Ashworth College)

Question options:

Question options: Development Training Education Curriculum Question 5 / 5 points 5 __________ targets developing leadership for the organization and frequently highly individualized in nature. Question options: Executive development Leader development Leadership development Supervisory and managerial development Question 5 / 5 points 6 The only potential weakness for real experience in leader development criteria is __________, which can be easily built in through formal programs or use of existing organizational performance tools. Question options: individual awareness feedback on new learning opportunity for practice assessment Question 5 / 5 points 7 Cultures that value __________, can focus the content of leader development and training on practical matters and hands-on training. Question options: action-orientation high communication context tolerance for ambiguity high power distance Question 5 / 5 points 8 Because the United States has __________, it is appropriate to create leader development programs with a high degree of exposure to new and challenging situations. Question options: tolerance for ambiguity action-orientation high communication context low power distance Question 5 / 5 points 9 __________ focuses on the application of knowledge which included topics such as planning, goal setting, and monitoring. Question options: Basic knowledge

Personal growth Skill development Creativity Question 5 / 5 points 10 When using the __________ criteria for leader training, participants must be alerted to the need for change and specific areas they should address so that they are ready to change. Question options: assessment individual awareness opportunity for practice challenging experience Question 5 / 5 points 11 Which personality trait is most likely related to one's ability to seek and accept feedback? Question options: external locus of control openness to experience emotional stablility high macs Question 12 5 / 5 points __________ involves a a relatively permanent increase or change in behavior, knowledge, or skill that comes about because of some experience. Question options: Education Development Learning Training Question 5 / 5 points 13 __________ programs focus on self-awareness and understanding of strengths and weakness as well as getting in touch with personal values. Question options: Basic knowledge Personal growth Skill development Creativity Question 5 / 5 points 14 Self-awareness is a limited method for leader development because it only provides leaders with: Question options: rich developmental experience. individual awareness.

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