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BU450 LEADERSHIP SKILLS Exam 8 Answers (Ashworth College)

opportunity for

opportunity for practice. support from the organization. Question 5 / 5 points 15 Whechien was recently hired as a floor manager of a local home garden center. During his first month as manager, he participated in 80 hours of orientation training to become familiar with the policies and procedures of the organization. Which element of the core of learning best represents this example? Question options: willingness to learn ability to learn effective informal support sufficient development experiences Question 5 / 5 points 16 Which criteria for effective development relate to the culture of the organization? Question options: fit and integration assessment opportunity for practice feedback Question 5 / 5 points 17 Leader development programs that provide parallel learning environments and address different learning styles offer: Question options: appropriate assessment and follow-up. clearly stated objectives. integrated assessment. a combination of tools and methods. Question 18 5 / 5 points __________ refers to leader development programs that focus on information about content of leadership and fundamental concepts such as communication, feedback and contingent rewards. Question options: Basic knowledge Personal growth Skill development Creativity Question 0 / 5 points 19 Coaching programs are most often used in: Question options: executive development programs. self-development programs.

supervisor training programs. leader development programs. Question 5 / 5 points 20 A willingness to learn requires both: Question options: motivation and readiness motivation and education readiness and education readiness and development

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