4 months ago

Tips for Promoting Self -Regulation program online in Preschool Children

If you’re looking for tips to promote self -Regulation in preschool children, Sign up for The Alert Program®, a one-of-a-kind online self-regulation course! To know more,


WHEN IN DOUBT DO HEAVY WORK!! That’s right, heavy work! Doing physical activity such as pushing, pulling, tugging, and towing can help your child find the right level of alertness for activities that require focus like homework.

“BLOW IT” TO SUPPORT DEEP BELLY BREATHING! When children (or adults) are in a high state of alertness, they tend to breathe with shorter, more shallow breaths. Help your child to do fun blowing activities that encourage deep belly breathing to support their self-regulation. Try bubbles, whistles, or other blowing activities in the Take Five! Staying Alert at Home and School book (Williams & Shellenberger, 2001).

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