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Adhrynn v1.2

An a priori artlang


THE DEROGATORY Nouns can assume a derogatory prefix, su-, used to indicate that a noun is debased, broken, spoiled, diseased, weak, inferior or unpleasant. It does not denude a qualitative noun of its quality, but makes that quality undesirable in some way. sunadh sundrogh sumydh sumbradh sudhryn sundroudh suheorn sufheand sufhem sumfles sungaurn sunglean sungordh sungron suhend suhes suhron sulam suleom sumegh sumour sulordh suragh suradh susdhar susfhraun suscron susmaun susogh susedh sumas sumayan sulerm sumayos peculiar or unearthly beauty a pointless duty a corrupt, useless or tyrannical king a broken table a crude, primitive language a wretched dog, mongrel, mutt a diseased or blind eye a broken or blunt sword the arrogance of nobility a broken or inaccurate bow a stagnant or dried-up pond a crippled hand a weak or sickly bear poor quality iron a wretched child vile greenness a bastard brother spoiled or sour milk an ugly flower a wretched girl or whore a wretch or scoundrel ineffectual strength tainted or diseased blood a degenerate, primitive or sub-human a terrible omen or portent of doom a yob, thug, layabout or scoundrel a feeble warrior a broken or untuned harp rotten or worm-eaten wood overpowering pefurme foolhardiness a terrible mother a broken or leaking vessel stagnant or filthy water

POSSESSIVES Adhrynn denotes possession in six slightly different ways, depending on the relationship between two nouns. In English, the possessive apostrophe-s or the word of usually covers all of these. For alienable possession, where a thing is physically owned, the possessed noun is preceded by yn: fles yn scron the warrior’s bow fheand yn amydh the great king’s sword For anatomical possession, where a body part is possessed (but hardly owned), the possessed noun is preceded by sun: suheornas sun megh the girl’s blind eyes ragh sun amydh the great king’s blood For mutual possession, where a thing is not actually owned and the relationship between the two nouns is mutual, the possessed noun is preceded by sym: mayan sym sfhraun the boy’s mother sfhraun sym amayan the grandmother’s boy For qualitative possession, where a quality is exhibited, the possessed noun is preceded by em: mas em scron the warrior’s bravery amas em ysfhraun the little boy’s fearlessness For containment possession, where a noun contains or holds another noun, the possessed noun is preceded by hen: lerm hen lam a cup of milk ylerm hen alam a small cup of cream For component possession, where a noun is comprised or made of another noun, the possessed noun is preceded by ym: bradh ym sogh a wooden table fheand ym angron a sword of steel

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