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Adhrynn v1.2

An a priori artlang

Alphabet The

Alphabet The Adhrynn alphabet, as transcribed into the Roman alphabet, contains just 16 letters: A B C D E F G H L M N O R S U and Y. The letter combinations DH, FH and GH behave like letters in their own right. Adhrynn is written from left to right, in a cursive manner. Each letter has up to four forms, depending where it appears in a word and how it connects to other words: Letter Isolate Connecting Right Connecting Left Connecting Left and Right a A. A a. a b b. b c c. c d d. d dh dh. dh e E. E e. e f F f fh fh. fh g g. g gh gh. gh h H. H h. h l L. L l. l m M m n N n o O. O o. o r R. R r. r s S s u U. U u. u y Y. Y y. y LIGATURES In the Adhrynn script, many letters connect to following letters via a ligature at the base. All letters have an isolate form, used when the preceding and following letters prohibit connection. Most letters (except m, n and s) connect to following letters. Many letters (except b, c, d, dh, f, fh, g and gh) connect to preceding letters. Many letters (a, e, h, l, o, r, u and y) can connect on both sides. Doubled letters (ll, mm, nn, rr and ss) are indicated by following a single instance of the letter with h. Since lh, mh, nh, rh and sh are not otherwise valid combinations, this causes no confusion. AmI.dh. A. ScronHe. Lam SE. fheanda. In the language definition that follows, we do not employ the Adhrynn script, choosing instead to render the words in their Roman transcription.

Phonology Although the number of distinct letters is relatively low, they combine to produce wide range of sounds. Adhrynn spelling is almost entirely phonetic, but the value of some consonants varies somewhat depending on position within a word and on the surrounding letters. Most sounds are easy enough for Europeans to produce. CONSONANTS Letter Approximate Sound Value(s) IPA Usually b as in bend or above (is never word-final) b b In sb like the sp in spend, and in sbr like the spr in sprite p c Always like the k in king or the ch in ache (is never word final) k d dh Usually d as in dove, adage or sad In sd like the st in stop, and in sdr like the str in strong Usually like the th in though or rather Word-finally, and when preceded by s or followed by r, like the th in bath f Always like f in far or afar (is never word-final) f fh Always like v in voice or avoid (is never word-final) v g Usually g as in give, again or beg In ng, like the nkh of ankh (never the ng of sing) In sg like the sc of scar and in sgr like the scr of scratch, but both very guttural gh Only occurs at the end of root words, and is a guttural g sound ɣ h l m n r s In word-initial positions, before a vowel is a glottal stop When between vowels or in hr and hl, like the h in house or ahoy Otherwise modifies a preceding consonant (dh, fh, gh, lh, mh, nh, rh, sh) Usually like the l in look, alone or full When doubled in ll, is geminated and very long Usually like the m in milk, amen or ham When doubled in mm, is geminated and very long Can be found in a syllabic form at the end of a word in dhm and ghm Usually like the n in nook, anull or fin When doubled in nn, is geminated and very long Usually like the r in rook, around or fear When doubled in rr, is geminated and very long Often modifies the value of a preceding vowel Usually like the s in seek, assail or fuss When doubled in ss, is geminated and very long d t ð θ g x x ʔ h l l: m m: m̩ n n: ɹ ɹ: s s:

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