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Adhrynn v1.2

An a priori artlang


VOWELS AND DIPHTHONGS Adhrynn has four main vowels, a, e, o and u, and a modifying semi-vowel y (which is also used as a vowel on its own). The letter r is used to lengthen vowel sounds without adding a rhotic quality to them. Letter Approximate Sound Value(s) IPA a Usually like the a in and or man In ar like the a in far In au like the au in autumn – the same as or, but longer In aur like the or in order but longer In ay like the igh in high In ayr like the ire in spire In word-final positions shortens to a schwa sound æ ɑː ɔː ɔːə aɪ aɪ.ə ə e o u y Usually like the e in end or men In ea like like the ia in fiat In ear like the ear in prearmed In eo like the aeo in aeon In eor like the eor in meteor In er like the ear in bear In ey like the ay in say In eyr like the ayer in sooth-sayer In word-final positions is virtually silent Usually like the o in off or fond In or like the or in order In ou like the the ou in loud In our like the ower in tower In oy like the oy in boy In oyr like the awyer in lawyer Usually like the oo in noose In ur like the ewer in skewer Usually like the i in ink or thin In yr like the eer in beer ɛ ɪːæ ɪːɑː ɪːɒ ɪːɔː ɛə eɪ eɪ.ə ø ɒ ɔː aʊ aʊ.ə ɔɪ ɔɪ.ə uː uːə ɪ ɪːə

ROOT WORDS Adhrynn is based on inflected root words, which can be nouns or verbs. Roots have a restricted structure which is best illustrated by the table below. Initial Consonant Medial Vowel Final Consonant r l a ea au aya ayo r l b sb sbr br bl e eya eyo c sc scr cr cl o eo ou oya oyo d sd sdr dr u d nd rd ld dh sdh sdhr dhr y dh ndh rdh ldh f sf sfr fr fl fh sfh sfhr fhr fhl g sg sgr gr gl gh ngh rgh h hr hl m sm m rm n sn n rn s sr sl s A root word is generally valid if it consists of an Initial Consonant, a Medial Vowel and a Final Consonant. Two further structural restrictions are colourised: 1. Two salmon-cell consonants (R-coloured) cannot be used consecutively across the Initial-Final Consonants. Thus, combinations like *brar are invalid. 2. Two mauve-cell consonants (L-coloured) cannot be used consecutively across the Initial-Final consonants. Thus, combinations like *blal are invalid. All roots are monosyllabic except those containing a dual-vowel (ea, eo, aya, ayo, eya, eyo, oya or oyo). WORD STRESS Dual-vowel roots are stressed on the syllable containing primary vowel, which is always the first one rather than the one following the y. Inflected roots retain their stress position. Regardless of any stress, vowels are always fullysounded, with the exception of final a or e. ROOT SOUND CHANGES When inflected, a root’s initial consonant sounds may change in predictable patterns. These always occur when a root is given a prefix ending with a vowel. There are only five known changes: b* mb* c* nc* d* nd* (but not dh* ndh*) f* mf * (but not fh* mfh*) g* ng* These changes are applied to the L-coloured or R-coloured variants of the same consonants. Thus, a+born amborn, and a+bron ambron.

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