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EN110 Achieving Academic Excellence Online Exam 1 Answers

5.0/ 5.0 Points Visually

5.0/ 5.0 Points Visually oriented learners think in terms of: • A. numbers and patterns. • B. images and spaces. • C. communication. • D. looking. Question 15 of 20 5.0/ 5.0 Points There is no stronger motivation to succeed than your own __________ and a strong belief that your education is important. • A. knowledge of self • B. internal will • C. spatial awareness • D. intrapersonal focus Question 16 of 20 5.0/ 5.0 Points According to the College Board study: • A. there is no correlation between higher education and higher earnings. • B. there is no difference in income between high school and college graduates. • C. education pays only among men in all racial and ethnic groups. • D. the gap in income between high school and college graduates widened over the years. Question 17 of 20 5.0/ 5.0 Points Which statement has the strongest motivation? • A. I just want to get the degree over with. • B. I will try my best. • C. I am here because a college education means a lot to me. • D. College is also a time to have fun experiences. Question 18 of 20 5.0/ 5.0 Points An intrapersonally intelligent person is someone who is: • A. very good with people and relationships. • B. good at making connections between information. • C. very personable. • D. sensitive and aware of one’s inner world.

Question 19 of 20 5.0/ 5.0 Points You can explore your preferences and how they relate to careers individually and combined with __________ testing. • A. Kinesthetic • B. Multiple Intelligences • C. VARK • D. TypeFocus Question 20 of 20 5.0/ 5.0 Points Internal motivation is: • A. coming from the outside. • B. inner-directed. • C. goal-oriented. • D. performance-oriented.