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EN360 Technical Communications Online Quiz 2 Answers (Ashworth College)

Which statement below is

Which statement below is MOST accurate? at the same time. • A. Blogs are not useful for collaboration. • B. Email is the most effective way to hold a group meeting. • C. Collaborative writing software allows team members to log into a document • D. “Internet conferencing” is another term for “teleconferencing.” Question 12 of 20 5.0/ 5.0 Points Potential sources of conflict in collaborative groups include: • A. interpersonal differences. • B. cultural differences. • C. gender differences. • D. All of the above. Question 13 of 20 5.0/ 5.0 Points Which of these statements about web-based research is MOST accurate? • A. The more design elements on a site, the more reliable the information there. • B. Since websites are always accessible, you do not need to save any of the material you find on them. • C. No single search engine indexes everything on the web. • D. You may download anything from the web and use it without permission. Question 14 of 20 5.0/ 5.0 Points Choose the MOST accurate statement below about reviewing a team document. • A. Offer only general comments when identifying weaknesses. • B. Begin with a positive comment before suggesting improvements. • C. Rewrite the entire document yourself if needed. • D. Dictate advice to the team. Question 15 of 20

5.0/ 5.0 Points Which of the following strategies for teamwork is LEAST effective? • A. Work without a manager; allow all team members to take charge. • B. Compose a purpose statement. • C. Develop a file-naming system for documents. • D. Decide on a specific meeting schedule. Question 16 of 20 5.0/ 5.0 Points Which of the following is valid? • A. Key words and search phrases should be as general as possible. • B. Hard-copy materials are still important sources of research. • C. Commercial sites never should be used as reliable sources of information as they are inherently biased. • D. A survey is an example of secondary research. Question 17 of 20 5.0/ 5.0 Points All of the following statements are valid EXCEPT the following: • A. Social cues are not conveyed well in certain types of digital communication. • B. Conference calls are no longer used as a form of virtual communication. • C. Face-to-face meetings are still essential for personal contact. • D. Women who speak up in meetings are often perceived as too controlling, while men who do so are considered to be leadership-oriented. Question 18 of 20 5.0/ 5.0 Points The term used to describe a controlled form of observation designed to verify an assumption is an: • A. elucidation. • B. examination. • C. experiment. •

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