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EN360 Technical Communications Online Quiz 7 Answers (Ashworth College)

• A. To describe a

• A. To describe a product in action (how it works), use a chronological sequence. • B. To describe how a product looks, use a spatial sequence. • C. Never use more than one sequence to describe something. • D. Always use more than one sequence to describe something. Question 20 of 40 2.5/ 2.5 Points When they review a résumé, employers seek an answer to which of these questions? • A. Why do you want to work here? • B. What can you do for us? • C. Where would you like to be in ten years? • D. What are your long-term goals? Part 2 of 2 - Lesson 7 Questions 47.5/ 50.0 Points Question 21 of 40 2.5/ 2.5 Points Which of the following approaches is best for providing constructive criticism to a colleague? • A. Progress report • B. Peer report • C. Documented formal report • D. Informal email Question 22 of 40 2.5/ 2.5 Points Well-designed instructions will NOT: • A. place visuals and prose steps apart from one another. • B. use a layered approach for lengthy instructions. • C. separate each step visually. • D. Both b and c

Question 23 of 40 2.5/ 2.5 Points An effective comparative analysis: • A. avoids the block pattern of discussion. • B. makes comparisons based on indefinite criteria. • C. gives each item balanced treatment. • D. avoids using examples to clarify points. Question 24 of 40 2.5/ 2.5 Points Peer review reports: • A. begin by enumerating the negative points. • B. support criticism by offering specific examples. • C. are never written in memo format. • D. avoid offering suggestions or resources. Question 25 of 40 2.5/ 2.5 Points Feasibility reports and recommendation reports are similar in that they both: • A. have managers and other decision makers as their primary audience. • B. emphasize expected rather than possible benefits. • C. discuss the problem or situation before the recommendation. • D. Both a and b Question 26 of 40 2.5/ 2.5 Points Which of the following might you add as a notice to a procedure in order to ensure consumer safety? • A. Cautions • B. Warnings • C. Danger notices • D. All of the above.

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