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PS320 History and Systems of Psychology Exam 7 Answers (Ashworth College)

PS320 History and Systems of Psychology Exam 7 Answers (Ashworth

PS320 History and Systems of Psychology Exam 7 Answers (Ashworth College) BUY HERE⬊ 0-history-and-systems-of-psychologyexam-7-answers-ashworth-college/ PS320 History and Systems of Psychology Exam 7 Answers (Ashworth College) 1. In 1951, Karl Lashley criticized the S-R chaining theory of complex behavior because it: 2. Noam Chomsky demonstrated that Skinner’s behaviorist approach to language was doomed to fail because: 3. The theory of cognitive dissonance was developed by: 4. According to the Turing test, artificial intelligence will have been achieved when: 5. Garcia’s work on conditioned nausea in rats and Breland’s work training animals demonstrate: 6. Noam Chomsky’s emphasis on the rule-governed nature of language helped psychology do what? 7. In a study supporting embodied cognition, only skilled basketball players watching a video of a freethrow knew if it would be a basket or not because they: 8. Newell, Shaw, and Simon's "Elements of a theory of problem solving," appeared in 1958 and claimed that their computer program solved problems and it also: 9. Mills and later Kohler criticized Thorndike’s puzzle box research, by arguing: 10. When John Garcia sickened rats he found that they: 11. Using the findings from his puzzle box research, Thorndike argued that animals: 12. Genetic epistemology is most centrally concerned with: 13. Donald Broadbent (1958) proposed a mechanical model of attention and short term memory using balls dropped into a Y-shaped tube. He argued that psychologists should think of input from the senses not as physical stimuli but as: 14. When a rat learns a maze, E. C. Tolman said it acquires: 15. What specific view of organisms associated with Watson did Edward Tolman reject? 16. According to logical positivism, when we link a theoretical term to observations, we are: 17. The animal psychologist Robert Yerkes struggled with the problem of consciousness and came up with three grades or levels that correspond to behavior. From lowest to highest these levels were: 18. As an example of New Structuralism, Piaget’s genetic epistemology is a developmental version of __________ philosophy. 19. Pure artificial intelligence (AI) seeks to __________. A good example of pure AI today is __________ programs 20. The philosopher Daniel Dennett proposed a Multiple Drafts Model of consciousness in which human consciousness is seen as a virtual machine installed by __________ on the brain’s parallel processor. 21. Which of the following best represents Robert Yerkes’ contribution to the WWI war effort?