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Cabinets, Desks and

Cabinets, Desks and Shelving

Odessa Materials veneered cupboards and drawers, with bronze or steel wrap and inlays. two touch-latch doors and three solid maple touch-latch drawers. Finishes cupboards & drawers: figured rippled grey sycamore veneer wrap/inlays: hand-polished bronze, aged bronze, cool grey, anthracite, or patinated steel Lead time 8-10 weeks Dimensions Low 180 x 45 cm (H 69) 71 x 17 3 ⁄4 in (H 27) High 180 x 45 cm (H 86) 71 x 17 3 ⁄4 in (H 34) 163 Shown here with a figured & rippled grey sycamore veneer, wrapped in patinated steel with patinated steel inlays. Odessa can be tailor-made to bespoke sizes and finishes.

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