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REVIEW The Role of the

REVIEW The Role of the Circuit Courts in the Formation of United States Law in the Early Republic: Following Supreme Court Justices Washington, Livingston, Story and Thompson David Lynch. Published February 2018. 256pp. Hardback. 9781509910854. RSP £70. Bloomsbury/Hart Publishing ( ‘Scholars have rightly focussed on the importance of the landmark opinions of the United States Supreme Court and its Chief Justice, John Marshall, in the rise in influence of the Court in the Early Republic. However, the crucial role of the circuit courts in the development of a uniform system of federal law across the nation has largely been ignored. This book highlights the contribution of four Associate Supreme Court Justices as presiding judges of their respective circuit courts during the Marshall era to establish the growth of federal law in the early years from the ‘inferior courts’ upwards rather than down from the Supreme Court. It does so after a reading of 1800 mainly circuit opinions and 2000 of justices’ original letters which reveal the sources of law upon which they drew and their efforts through correspondence to achieve consistency across circuits. The documents examined present insights into momentous social, political, and economic issues facing the Union and demonstrate how these four justices dealt with them on circuit. Particular attention is paid to the different ways in which each justice contributed to the shaping of federal law on circuit and on the Supreme Court. In the case of Justices Livingston and Thompson their earlier work as justices of the New York State Supreme Court is also analysed.’ Review ‘Exhaustively researched and admirably argued, this book analyses the crucial role played by the federal circuit courts in bridging the diversity of the new nation and the need to establish a unified body of law of national law. It also throws important new light on the internal operation of the Marshall Court. A significant contribution to our understanding of the federal court system of the early republic. Professor R. Kent Newmyer, University of Connecticut Law School. (Author of: The Supreme Court under Marshall and Taney (1968): Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story (1985); John Marshall and the Heroic Age of the Supreme Court (2001); and the Treason Trial of Aaron Burr (2012). The Author David Lynch is a retired English circuit judge, an Honorary Fellow and Visiting Research Fellow of Liverpool John Moores University, and a Master of the Bench of the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple. He has previously written the Northern Circuit Directory, 1876-2004 (2005); Supplement, 2005-2015 (2016). 12 In Brief

NEWS Unconvicted by Olly Jarvis Manchester barrister Olly Jarvis new legal thriller has just launched, a follow on from “Death by Dangerous”. In a razor-sharp legal thriller, Jack Kowalski must win two challenging trials to save his reputation and his career. Junior barrister Jack Kowalski is crushed. His client Timothy Smart appears to have committed a monstrous crime while on bail – a bail application Jack fought hard to win. When a high-profile Polish footballer is charged with rape and demands a fellow countryman represent him, Jack must overcome his guilt and get back to work. Before long he takes on a second case, a GBH for instructing solicitor Lara Panassai, who Jack remains desperate to impress. But neither case is what it seems, and Jack will face an extraordinary uphill battle to see that justice is done… The second Jack Kowalski novel, Unconvicted is a gripping courtroom drama written with the expert insight of a practicing criminal barrister, perfect for fans of William L. Myers, Deborah Hawkins, and Scott Turow. Biography Olly Jarvis is a writer and criminal defence barrister, originally from London but now working in Manchester. Drawing on his experiences, he writes both fiction and non-fiction with a particular understanding of the pressures and excitement of life in the courtroom. He wrote the highly acclaimed Radio 4 drama Judgement, and wrote and presented the BBC documentary Mum Knows Best. He is also the author of Death by Dangerous. Olly has two children and lives in Cheshire. ISBN 9781911420309 Published by Canelo In Brief asked what motivated him to write the book. ‘Every criminal lawyer will know the most common question we are asked – how do you defend someone you know is guilty? It’s always couched in a way that implies defence lawyers are a bit shady. This book answers that question. Hopefully it shows the reader how hard it can be defending criminals, week in, week out, but more importantly, the dangers of trying to second guess a client’s guilt or innocence. A legal system without defence lawyers would be a dark place indeed.’ One Million Mentors One Million Mentors is looking for people in Manchester from the Law profession to sign up online, complete training and then apply at one of our trusted 3rd party organisations such as Xaverian College, who have 6th form Law students waiting to be mentored right now. One Million Mentors is an innovative and exciting initiative which looks to build a national online platform to recruit, train, support and deploy professionals as mentors to organisations working with young people. Our ambition is to build a movement of a million mentors over the next decade. Our platform enables mentors to access high quality online training, free face-to-face local training, as well as access to resources and good practice in mentoring in the UK and internationally. We will also provide ongoing support throughout the mentoring relationship. Against the post-Brexit backdrop of division and increasing polarisation between generations and social classes, we aim to provide opportunities and a safe space for the mentor-mentee to widen their horizons, help break down social barriers, and develop mutual respect and understanding between people of different backgrounds. “We believe the full potential of One Million Mentors could be transformational in increasing employability skills, unlocking new opportunities and networks, promoting social mobility and social cohesion." – Rushanara Ali, MP, Co-Founder of UpRising and Founding Chair of One Million Mentors. Our platform will be beneficial for employers and professionals. Mentoring with One Million Mentors provides enhanced professional development for staff, opening opportunities to ‘come out of the bubble’ and engage meaningfully with a diverse range of people, as well as opportunities to identify and support new talent in local communities. For further information please contact Alveena Malik, former CEO of UpRising and Advisor to the Law Society’s Equality and Diversity Committee or Dinah Crystal OBE, Chair of NWLST, One Million Mentors, Ambassador of Women in the Law UK In Brief 13