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IB April 2018


CIRCUIT NEWS Kenworthy’s Chambers make a charitable donation to the Greater Manchester Law Centre’s Services & Campaign for Access to Justice Since South Manchester Law Centre was set up back in 1975, there have been nine law centres, across Greater Manchester’s ten boroughs. The closure of SMLC in 2014, after four years of fighting cuts and contract reorganisations, left just two, Bury and Rochdale. Inner city Salford, Manchester and Old Trafford has NO law centre. It is effectively a “law centre free zone. So, in late 2014 a group of legal aid lawyers, trade unionists and community advice organisations came together to say that this could not go on. We declared our aim of starting a community law centre for Greater Manchester. Three years later and Manchester is no longer a “law centre free zone”. This is due to the hard work of the original steering group, the support from volunteers, patrons and members and the overwhelming determination for access to justice from the Greater Manchester Law Centre and its supporters alike. Kenworthy’s Chambers have supported the Greater Manchester Law Centre from day one with a mutual ambition for access to justice. This is why we are delighted to make the donation that we are making to promote work carried by the Law Centre in its commendable campaign for access to justice throughout Greater Manchester. George Brown, Patrick Cassidy and Maria Rushworth attended their premises at 159 Princess Road in Moss Side and presented a cheque of £11,035.11 to two of the Law Centre’s Patrons, Robert Lizar and Erinma Bell. “There is an urgent need to bring some areas of civil law back into the scope of legal aid, with a focus on early legal help in order to help prevent problems developing further down the track. There are also huge administrative problems with the operation of legal aid, and levels of public legal capability are dangerously low.” “It is the work of legal aid professionals that props up the legal aid system and ensures that those who are eligible for legal aid can secure justice. It has never been the most lucrative branch of the legal profession. But the legal aid sector must be able to sustain itself, with providers continuing to carry out legally aided work...” [The Right to Justice –Final Report to the Bach Commission September 2017] "Judicial review is increasingly essential if we have an increasingly powerful executive. It is an irritant to the executive but it is a very News from the FLBA The recent retirement of Her Honour Judge Jai Penna was marked by a valedictory at Manchester Civil Justice Centre. Mr Justice Hayden paid tribute to Her Honour in a courtroom packed with members of the judiciary, barristers and solicitors, and in the presence of Baroness Hale. Hayden J referred in particular to Her Honour’s longstanding commitment to the promotion of equality, diversity and women’s rights, and her huge contribution to positive legal developments in these areas. Warm tributes were also paid by Julia Cheetham QC and Louise Garner of Otten Penna solicitors. Details of the Manchester FLBA Northern Circuit Family Law Conference have now been finalised. This event will take place on Friday 29 June 2018 at the Midland Hotel, Manchester. The conference is open to lawyers and other child care professionals, and speakers will give presentations on recent developments in care, private law and money cases. There will also be a special focus on the provision of secure accommodation and DOLS. The FLBA committee is delighted that the keynote speaker at this event will be the Rt Hon Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division.A black tie dinner will take place on 28 June 2018, also at the Midland Hotel. important, fundamental control on the executive. And the fact that members of the executive know they are subject to judicial review helps ensure that they carry out their job properly." [Reported comments of Lord Neuberger in 2013 in giving heed to the Government to be careful about limiting the availability of judicial review] The above quotes exemplify why it is important to recognise the important work carried out by the GMLC and in making this contribution it is hoped that it goes a small way in enabling expert legal advice and assistance to be provided in the much maligned areas social welfare law. It is our good wish and goodwill that this contribution will enable the work of the GMLC to continue and strengthen in terms of its training, campaign and awareness program in the public law field. Kirsty Speake Kenworthy’s Chambers NORTHERN CIRCUIT FAMILY LAW CONFERENCE 2 9 J U N E 2018 M I D L A N D H O T E L MANC H E S T E R Samantha Birtles 18 St John Street 4 In Brief

CIRCUIT NEWS The Manchester Legal Awards Retirement of HHJ Lancaster Deans Court Chambers walked away with two awards at the Manchester Legal Awards, held at the Midland Hotel in March. Mary O’Rourke was named Barrister of the Year. The judges said “The winner has had a stellar year in terms of the quality and rnage of work at the highest level, at the same time as being instrumental in helping her chambers adapt to the future.” Mary said “I am delighted to win this award. I have been involved in a number of high profile cases, representing doctors in sport, including that of Dr Eva Carneiro in her claim against Chelsea Football Club and the case of Dr Richard Freeman, the British Cycling Doctor. I am also involved in major litigation in Trinidad involving the death of the husband of a former government minister following surgery. This has been a very high profile case which has earned me international recognition.” Deans Court also won the Chambers of the Year Award. Accepting the award Matthew Gibbons commented ““This is the second year in a row that we have won this award and I am ecstatic. All the hard work by everyone at Deans Court has paid off. It is a fantastic acheivement which illustrates the quality of our service and commitment to clients, whilst offering added value.” A dinner was held on Friday 6th April 2018 to celebrate the retirement and career of His Honour Judge Tony Lancaster. Members of the judiciary, both sitting and retired, current and former barristers and solicitors gathered to express their appreciation for a wise and compassionate judge who will be much missed. After a successful career as a solicitor in Penrith firm Harrison, Grainger and Reed, Anthony Trevor Lancaster was appointed as a District Judge in 1988, an assistant recorder in 1995 and a recorder in 1999. He was then appointed as a Circuit Judge on 30th May 2001 and initially deployed to the North-Eastern circuit, before returning to his native Cumbria. Members of both the Northern and North-Eastern Circuit turned out to wish Judge Lancaster well and share fond memories. The Crown at Wetheral, the site of many a Northern Circuit shindig, provided its usual high standard of service in hosting this excellent event, organised by Jenny Scully of St John’s Buildings. In a short but moving address, HHJ Lancaster expressed his appreciation for the turnout, thanking those who had made a great effort and travelled long distances to be there; “you are not only colleagues, but great friends and I am really pleased that so many have been able to attend”. Judge Lancaster was presented with a gift and cake and a speech was given by HHJ James Brown. This included some tales of his time sitting in Newcastle, which perhaps should not be reduced to writing. All in all, an very enjoyable evening and a fitting send off to a judge described as “a fair, sympathetic and patient tribunal”. L to R: Mike Devlin, President of Manchester Law Society, Matthew Gibbons and Tony Reynolds, Senior Manager from Cassons Ginny Whiteley St Johns Buildings L to R: Mike Devlin, President of Manchester Law Society with Mary O’Rourke and Chris Hatch, Business Development Manager of Landmark Legal In Brief 5