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PS370 Research Methods in Psychology Online Exam 8 Answers (Ashworth College)

PS370 Research Methods in Psychology Online Exam 8 Answers (Ashworth

PS370 Research Methods in Psychology Online Exam 8 Answers (Ashworth College) BUY HERE⬊ 0-research-methods-in-psychologyonline-exam-8-answers-ashworthcollege/ PS370 Research Methods in Psychology Online Exam 8 Answers (Ashworth College) Question 1 of 20 5.0/ 5.0 Points Quasi-experimental designs are different from low-constraint methods in that: A. quasi-experimental methods attempt to answer questions of causality. B. low-constraint methods attempt to answer questions of causality. C. unlike low-constraint methods, quasi-experiments always directly manipulate the independent variable. D. unlike low-constraint methods, quasi-experiments usually assign participants randomly to groups. Question 2 of 20 5.0/ 5.0 Points Which of the following is a potential biasing factor in gathering data for program evaluation? A. Clients who feel the program has been helpful may inflate effectiveness ratings to insure continued funding. B. Staff members may inflate their ratings of effectiveness because they need to feel they are doing important work and not wasting their time. C. Clients may feel that better programs could be implemented and may therefore deflate their ratings of the current program. D. All of the above Question 3 of 20 5.0/ 5.0 Points In a randomized 2 X 2 factorial design, we test for main effects by: A. comparing mean scores for the matrix of cells. B. comparing mean scores of the various levels of each factor. C. comparing the raw scores of each participant. D. finding the mean scores for the entire sample. Question 4 of 20

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