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PS380 Multicultural Psychology Exam 6&7 Answers (Ashworth College)

members usually know

members usually know each other well, and they share the same beliefs. This is a reflection of what type of community? Question options: Broad socialization Adolescence Narrow socialization Identity Question 2.5 / 2.5 points 20 Jane the daycare provider observed that separated infants would go to extraordinary lengths (e.g., crying, clinging, frantically searching) to prevent separation from their parents or to reestablish proximity to a missing parent. What is this behavior a reflection of demonstrated by the infants? Question options: Temperament Neuroplasticity Attachment Section 2 Question 2.5 / 2.5 points 21 William needs treatment for mental illness. However, he does not want to see a therapist due to shame. What is the shame referred to? Question options: Culture match Stigma Tolerance threshold Relativist perspective Question 2.5 / 2.5 points 22 "__________"is the term used to describe a deterioration of cognitive functioning, including memory loss, aphasia, or disturbed executive functioning. Question options: Depressive disorders Personality disorders Schizophrenia Dementia Question 2.5 / 2.5 points 23 According to the DSM-IV, __________ is a clinically significant behavioral and psychological syndrome or pattern that occurs in an individual and that is associated with present distress or disability or with a significantly increased risk of suffering death, pain, disability, or an important loss of freedom. Question options: dementia peripheral symptom of illness mental disorder central symptom of illness Question 0 / 2.5 points 24 "I can't do anything right! I know other people feel that same way about me. That is why nobody likes me." What is this a reflection of? Question options: Peripheral symptoms Psychotherapy Universalist perspective Personality disorder Question 0 / 2.5 points 25 Stan served in Vietnam. He has long lasting and frightening thoughts and memories of soldiers being killed. I have observed Stan's behavior and he tends to be emotionally numb. What is Stan suffering from? Question options: ALSO IT IS NOT C BECAUSE IT WAS FOUND ON ANOTHER SITE Schizophrenia Peripheral symptoms Neurasthenia Anxiety disorder Question 2.5 / 2.5 points

26 Glenda attends a session where the goal is to provide a nonjudgmental environment that allows her and her therapist to work together towards a mutually agreed upon set of goals. What type of session is Glenda attending? Question options: Psychotherapy Personality disorder Central symptom Cultural-bound syndrome Question 2.5 / 2.5 points 27 Research shows that, in many rural African communities, psychological disorders are primarily associated with behaviors that demonstrate: Question options: physical or somatic causes. strong psychotic features. historic tendencies. culture-bound syndrome. Question 2.5 / 2.5 points 28 Dau resides in Canada and displayed symptoms of guilt. Whereas individuals from other cultures do not display these symptoms. Dau's symptoms are reflective of? Question options: Anxiety disorder Central symptom Peripheral symptom Question 2.5 / 2.5 points 29 What is the repressive adaptive style in coping with illness? Question options: An individual's desire to hide the symptoms An individual's desire to look for spiritual healers A tendency of medical professionals to reject medication in therapy An individual's desire to seek immediate help Question 2.5 / 2.5 points 30 What is the common name for the treatment of psychological disorders through psychological means, generally involving verbal interaction with a professional therapist? Question options: Healing Hypnosis Persuasion Psychotherapy Question 2.5 / 2.5 points 31 Imagine that you are a psychologist working in private practice in the United States. You have a new client from a non-Western culture who claims that her psychological problems are caused by evil spiritual forces emitted from her mother-in-law. Would you consider this client delusional? Question options: No, because delusions are a typical Western set of symptoms practically unknown globally. No, because you have to check her mother-in-law to see if she really possesses such evil forces. Yes, but only if this person is relatively educated and culturally integrated in the United States. Yes, because it is better diagnose her with something quickly before it is too late. Question 32 2.5 / 2.5 points

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