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PS400 Cognitive Psychology Exam 1 Answers (Ashworth College)

Schema analysis; Gestalt

Schema analysis; Gestalt psychologists Savings; behaviorists Functional reporting; functionalists Introspection; structuralists Questio 5 5 / 5 n points The two disciplines typically characterized as the forerunners to psychology (and cognitive psychology) are: Question options: philosophy and physiology. sociology and history. history and philosophy. chemistry and theology. Questio 6 5 / 5 n points Which psychophysicist came up with the notion of an unconscious inference? Question options: Donders Fechner Helmholtz Wundt Questio 7 5 / 5 n points Mind and behavior can be conceptualized as an "S", and "R", and a black box in between. The behaviorists were interested in: Question options: the S's only. the R's only. S's and R's. Questio 8 5 / 5 n points Who established the first psychological laboratory in Leipzig, Germany? Question options: Titchener Fechner Watson Wundt Questio n 9 5 / 5 points Which psychophysicist's major contribution was to demonstrate that the relationship between incoming stimuli and corresponding perceptions was NOT one-to-one? Question options: Fechner Helmholtz Wundt Titchener Questio 10 0 / 5 n points The interdisciplinary field of cognitive science is comprised of fields that include philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, __________, and __________. Question options:

anthropology; sociology sociology; artificial intelligence anthropology; artificial intelligence physics; chemistry Questio 11 5 / 5 n points When considering the emotion of anger; which of these questions would be of MOST interest to a functionalist? Question options: What is the purpose of anger? What is the conscious experience of anger like? What are the behaviors of an angry person? Questio 12 5 / 5 n points Which school of psychology is BEST captured by its credo, "The whole is different than the sum of its parts?" Question options: Structuralism Functionalism Gestalt Behaviorism Questio 13 5 / 5 n points In the end, what happened to behaviorism? Question options: It was replaced by a renewed interest in structuralism. It completely died out. It continues to hold some sway to this day. It was replaced by a renewed interest in functionalism. Questio 14 5 / 5 n points You're visiting the neuroscience lab of Dr. Wu, and he asks you to look at his plastic model of the brain, particularly the rostral area. Where should you look on his model? Question options: The front The back The top The bottom Questio 15 5 / 5 n points Which subdiscipline of cognitive science focuses on (as its primary goal) using computers to simulate and model human thought? Question options: Linguistics Cognitive psychology Artificial intelligence Questio 16 5 / 5 n points Generally, as a stimulus becomes MORE intense, the minimal change in intensity needed in order for a person to notice the change: Question options: increases. decreases. stays the same. has no relationship whatsoever to original intensity.

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