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PS400 Cognitive Psychology Exam 2 Answers (Ashworth College)

the averaging effect.

the averaging effect. synesthesia. the ventriloquist effect. the McGurk effect. Questio 5 5 / 5 n points The identification of a stimulus with the help of context, previous knowledge, and/or expectations is called: Question options: top-down processing. bottom-up processing. materialism. phenomenal consciousness. Questio 6 5 / 5 n points Ishak, Adolph, and Linn (2008) investigated affordances by looking at the response of __________, and found the participants to be quite __________ to aperture size. Question options: reaching; sensitive tossing small objects; sensitive reaching; insensitive tossing small objects; insensitive 7 5 / 5 points Questio n The phenomenon of blindsight suggests that the visual system has a "where" system concerned with detection and localization of visual stimuli, and a "what" system concerned with identification of stimuli. People who exhibit the phenomenon of blindsight are thought to have which of these systems intact? Question options: Both "what" and "where" systems are intact Neither the "what" nor the "where" systems are intact Only the "what" system is intact Only the "where" system is intact Questio 8 5 / 5 n points The sense of subjective awareness of what our mind is currently doing is termed: Question options: access consciousness. phenomenal consciousness. metacognition. unconsciousness. Questio 9 5 / 5 n points In the "dummy hands" study conducted by Pavani, Spence and Driver (2000): Question options: touch dominated vision. reaction time was the independent variable. dummy hands had an influence even if they were misaligned with the participants' real hands. participants seem to have experienced an illusory sensation of touch.

Questio n Our tendency to group elements together if they are moving in the same direction or at the same speed is called: Question options: closure. proximity. synchrony. common fate. Questio 11 5 / 5 n points If someone is influenced by something of which they are unaware, this would be an example of: Question options: access consciousness in the absence of phenomenal consciousness. phenomenal consciousness in the absence of access consciousness. having both access and phenomenal consciousness of an event. having neither access nor phenomenal consciousness of an event. Questio 12 5 / 5 points n The ability to detect the presence or absence of a stimulus or a change in a stimulus is termed: Question options: sensitivity. response bias. sensation. bottom-up processing. Questio 13 5 / 5 n points Experiences in which input from one sensory system produces an experience not only in that modality but in another, as well, are called: Question options: synesthesia. synchrony. modulation. syncopation. Questio 14 5 / 5 n points _______ is the identification of a stimulus through the assembly of its component features. Question options: Top-down processing Bottom-up processing Materialism Phenomenal consciousness Questio 15 5 / 5

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