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RAW Designer Sheet

RAW Designer Sheet #Collection Size Chart In stock In stock Room Large Room Corridor Long Corridor Living Room Size 100x160 cm 140x200 cm 80x200 cm 90x250 cm 200x350 cm Wholesale Price 87.00 CHF 152.00 CHF 87.00 CHF 123.00 CHF 345.00 CHF Recommended Retail Price 189.00 CHF 334.00 CHF 189.00 CHF 270.00 CHF 759.00 CHF Allow slight variations in color and up to 3% difference in size due to production process 40

Concrete Family Rough Concret RF-C1 Wood In stock In stock RF-C12 Carrara RF-C13 Slate In stock RF-C2 Rust Raw Flooring RF - W2 RF-M1 In stock RF-S1 RF-R1 41

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