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Norton The Best Antivirus Software of 2018

Norton The Best Antivirus Software of

Norton: The Best Antivirus Software of 2018 In the recent times, due to the increasing risks of data breach and security issues, it is essential to keep the computing devices safe and secure. Day by day, the activities of hackers and cyber criminals are increasing and thereby the risks of getting your system infected are also increasing. Hackers are coming up with new kinds of ways to enter your system and new technologies to corrupt and steal your data. Therefore having antivirus software installed on your system has become crucial. There are a number of antivirus programs which claim to protect your computer from malicious activities. If you want multifaceted antivirus software then Norton Antivirus software is undoubtedly your best bet. Norton provides a range of antivirus softwares to individuals as well as businesses. It is considered the best for malware protection and it also does not slow down the system while conducting a scan. Salient Features of Norton Antivirus which make it the best antivirus software:- Apart from the essential security features, Norton Antivirus has the following attributes: 1. Malware Protection Besides being an anti-virus program, Norton antivirus also offers protection from malware. Malwares are different from viruses and they often tend to be more disruptive. They are malicious softwares which include worms, spyware, adware, Trojan horses, etc. Norton Antivirus keeps coming up with new updates to fix bugs and to ensure that protection is offered from latest threats. 2. Monitoring of Emails and Instant Messages Norton Antivirus scans all the emails and Instant Messages. It checks the logs and scans for any malicious attachments or suspicious emails. 3. Child Filters The child filter feature of Norton ensures that the children are protected from predators lurking on the internet. Parents can monitor the online activities of their children and Norton antivirus identifies potential dangers before they can cause problems. It also ensures that no unsuitable content reaches children. 4. User Interface The user interface of Norton is first rate in terms of functionality. When your system is safe and secure from any threat, the front page of Norton has a green tick mark. The green check mark changes to a red cross mark when a threat has been identified on the system. 5. Security and privacy

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