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Surrey.Tennis 2017/2018

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News first aid

News first aid Surrey Tennis and the Surrey Patrons - “A Life Saving Opportunity” urrey Tennis and the Surrey Patrons are continuing to support S Surrey registered tennis venues by subsidising “A Lifesaving Opportunity”. This very important grant will help towards the purchasing of a defibrillator (AED) for your clubhouse, which could potentially save lives. A defibrillator is a life-saving machine that gives the heart an electric shock in some cases of cardiac arrest. This is called defibrillation and can save lives. Acting quickly when someone is in cardiac arrest and fighting for their life is crucially important. For every minute that passes without CPR and defibrillation, chances of survival are reduced by 10%. The UK Resuscitation Council (2009) states: “Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are designed to be used by members of the public, and are very effective at guiding the operator through the process of administering the shock. They have become widely available, are safe and easy to use, and will not allow a shock to be given to a victim who does not require one…” A sudden cardiac arrest can strike anyone at any time. According to the British Heart Foundation 60,000 people each year are affected in the UK outside of a hospital environment. Sudden cardiac arrest is more likely at nontraditional exercise facilities, including a tennis venue. Whilst survival rates are poor, early CPR and defibrillation can change that. With early access to CPR and defibrillation, survival rates as high as 75% have been reported. Due to the significance of this project, Surrey Tennis has taken considerable Act Now! Contact Chris Risebro on chris.risebro@ time and effort to go through a rigorous process to ensure we are offering venues the best solution. This has included taking advice from the British Heart Foundation, the Local Ambulance Service and Market Leading organisations to select the product and partner of choice. We have chosen to work with Hampshire based WEL Medical to provide the iPAD SP1 through their distributor, Kays Medical. iPAD SP1 stands for Public Access Defibrilator and is a nominated device of the British Heart Foundation. The iPAD SP1 is designed to be used by laypeople who will be able to familiarise themselves with the device through online videos and pictorial quick reference guides. In addition to this, during operation the 10 surrey tennis magazine

iPAD uses a series of illustrations with flashing lights and calm voice prompts to talk a rescuer through how to use it. Operators without formal training have also used AEDs successfully to save lives (UK Resuscitation Guidelines, 2009) yet these devices are also widely used by Emergency Services, the NHS, community schemes, charities and businesses. The total cost of the package outlined below is £1,320 and Surrey Tennis, with the support of the Surrey Patrons, will part fund the package meaning that the venue will only have to find 50% of the cost. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact Chris Risebro at the Surrey County Office on 020 8487 7036 or to confirm that you would like to do so. You may then order the equipment from Kays Medical (details below) advising that you would like to purchase a defibrillator iPAD SP1 package under the Surrey Tennis scheme. Kays Medical Limited, 3/7 Shaw Street, Liverpool L6 1HH 0151 207 5117 Once you have taken delivery of your defibrillator, please send a copy of the Kays Medical invoice and an invoice from your venue for £660 to Surrey Tennis, and we will refund the £660. The Package consists of: 1 iPAD SP1 AED (see image on next page) 1 Carry Case 2 sets of dual adult / child pads 2 AED starter kits 1 Alarmed indoor cabinet Plus a call of an additional battery & 3 sets of pads Patrons’ news The Surrey Patrons’ Association was founded in 1968. Initially there were 29 members and over the years this has increased to a full membership of 999. We now have a Waiting List and any Surrey Club members or residents in the County who are interested in joining should contact the Patrons’ Secretary, Peter Lane - email or telephone 01737 353541. Applicants must be over 18 years of age. Currently there is a one-off joining fee of £75 and the annual subscription is £25, but this may increase in 2019. We have kept faith with the aim of the Founders, which was to assist junior tennis in the County and are now supporting a revitalised Junior Performance Programme. We sponsor the Surrey Junior Championships and have recently made grants to Clubs purchasing defibrillators. We also contribute to recognised charities where Clubs are sponsoring events on their behalf. Members of the Association are able to participate in a ballot for Wimbledon tickets and enjoy a range of social functions. It has become customary to hold an Annual Dinner at Christmas time and this has been well supported. The Patrons also participated in the Celebration of Surrey Tennis in the Spring to acknowledge the County’s success on the playing front when, for the second consecutive year, they were the winners of the Aegon County Cup Champions Race. surrey tennis magazine 11