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Surrey.Tennis 2017/2018

A review of all the activities in Surrey Tennis in 2017/2018 Published by Surrey.Tennis

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As the success of Surrey’s veteran players proves, age and experience can be just as valuable on the tennis court as youthful speed and energy. Even on the professional tour, 36-year-old Roger Federer is outfoxing younger players. Golden age of the golden oldies ennis players are not like fine wines. They do not generally T improve with age. Once they hit their mid-30s, it’s normally a rather rapid and inglorious decline. But there are some astounding exceptions. Like the 36-year-olds Roger Federer and Serena Williams who both secured Grand Slam titles this past year. The American is currently on maternity leave but the Swiss could well add to his already jaw-dropping tally of 19 Grand Slam titles. What about the Japanese player Kimiko Date? She finally called time on her career in September 2017, at the superannuated age of 46. She’s surely the Duracell Bunny of the WTA Tour. “Every day I have aches and pains,” she said earlier this year. “But I love this challenge.” Go back a couple of decades and there are several other golden oldies who have struck gold. Martina Navratilova was 37 when she reached the 1994 Wimbledon final. In mixed doubles she extended her success surrey tennis magazine 21