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Surrey.Tennis 2017/2018

A review of all the activities in Surrey Tennis in 2017/2018 Published by Surrey.Tennis

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competition the veteran pros canny. They know which shots to expect because they’ve experienced it all so many times before. Players are also much fitter than they used to be, with expert trainers and physiotherapists administering gym routines and post-match massages, both of which are designed to stave off serious injury. Does racket and string technology have an effect? It’s possible since older, slower players can use their rackets to generate more power than they did in the days of wood and natural gut. With prize money funds and sponsorship deals now so enormous on both the ATP and WTA tours, the motivation for players to delay retirement is that much greater. Why on earth would Federer retire when there are a couple of million dollars up for grabs at each Grand Slam? They may be middleaged, but private jets and a dedicated team of support staff mean there’s never a moment of discomfort while travelling from tournament to tournament. When it comes to Federer, the equilibrium of his domestic life might be a factor, too. The Swiss player married at the age of 27, and his wife Mirka has been a solid force in his careerlife balance ever since. As another ageing player, Germany’s 39-year-old Tommy Haas, explains in reference to Federer: “When you’re living a crazy life as an 18-, 19-, 20-year-old, travelling around the world, trying to win these big tournaments, playing on these big stages and on television, life can be tricky at times. You need to keep your personal life at bay most of the time, and under control. Because of Mirka, [Federer] has had a great balance there. You can’t say that about many other players at that young age.” Federer shows no signs of letting Roger Federer has found new strength at the age of 36 The average age of top 10 players is over 27 years for the men, and nearly 26 years for the women. This means the world’s top players are older now than they’ve ever been. up just yet, suggesting he might still be competing into his 40s. “If I could play another five years, that would be an absolute dream,” he says. “There’s a lot of things I want to do still. And I hope I’ll be around to live it and really enjoy it.” 24 surrey tennis magazine

News Surrey tennis If I could play another five years, that would be an absolute dream.” surrey tennis magazine 25