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Surrey.Tennis 2017/2018

A review of all the activities in Surrey Tennis in 2017/2018 Published by Surrey.Tennis

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coaching coaches group Surrey Coaches Group Event Big turnout at Launch Event for Surrey Coaches Group he Surrey Coaches Group held its first event on 10th February T at the brand new All England Community Sports Ground. We were grateful to have AELTC Head Coach Dan Bloxham and his partner Lizzie Bloxham running a ‘Dynamic Activities for coaches when working with large numbers in small spaces’ CPD. Surrey Tennis’ County Secretary Roy Staniland welcomed all the coaches to the event and highlighted the how supporting coaches is important to the County Association. There were 45 coaches in attendance in the indoor bubble at the site in Raynes Park, working with Dan and pupils from a local school. With 30 energetic kids taking part in various activities, there was a great atmosphere in the bubble. Dan and Lizzie provided our coaches with 32 surrey tennis magazine

We had the pleasure and welcome surprise of Andy Murray coming to practice on the end court. lots of ideas for warm-up drills, with the emphasis being on trying to achieve excellence. The large groups of kids were being instructed to complete the exercises with pride and commitment. In an action-packed hour and a half, Dan and Lizzie also went through various teaching points for under 8s development. Throughout, they were reminding the coaches that they are the key to setting the tone in a session. And that it is important coaches ensure large groups have the right attitude and are looking alert with an athletic stance. As a result of having so many coaches at this event, the pupils had the luxury of 1 on 1 coaching at times. And by the end of the session, they clearly enjoyed the array of activities that Dan and the rest of the coaches put on display. With the idea of achieving being a key theme in the session, it was only fitting that we had the pleasure and welcome surprise of Andy Murray coming to practice on the end court. We could see him looking over a few times as he was clearly intrigued by what was going on and the energy that was on the 2 courts next to him. But as you can imagine, some of the coaches and pupils could not resist looking over to Murray’s court and seeing how meticulous he was in his preparation for a training session. Something for everyone to aspire to. As the morning drew to a close, our 3 First Aid Course at Raynes Park Residents LTC We ran a First Aid course for members of the group on Friday 24th March at Raynes Park Residents LTC. This gave 12 coaches the opportunity to receive high quality first aid training at a heavily subsidised rate. We aim to run 2 First Aid Course annually. This is a great benefit to members, who receive communications when dates and venues have been finalised. For those who are currently not members, this is a great opportunity to sign up and become a valued member of a local coaches group. Any questions please get in touch: senior coaches gained some feedback from the coaches on what they took away from the CPD session, as well as ask them what areas of support they would like the Coaches Group to focus on in the short term. Seeing the positive dialogue take place amongst the coaches reminded us why it is vitally important to have that local support network for Surrey coaches. By working together, we can achieve better results. Thank you to all of the coaches who participated at the Launch Event, as well Dan and Lizzie Bloxham for running a productive and thought-provoking oncourt session. surrey tennis magazine 33