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S05 Social Problems Exam 5 Answers (Ashworth College)

One of the early leaders

One of the early leaders of the feminist movement in the 18th century was: A. Susan B. Anthony. B. Betty Friedan. C. Maxine Hong Kingston. D. Mary Wollstonecraft. Question 18 of 40 2.5/ 2.5 Points In 1937, anthropologist George Murdock found that: A. women did less cooking than men. B. all cultures have the same gender roles. C. few cross cultural similarities in men’s and women’s roles. D. women perform tasks such as farming and construction as often as men. Question 19 of 40 0.0/ 2.5 Points In 1935, anthropologist Margaret Mead found which of the following? A. Arapesh men were very masculine. B. Mundugamor women were very passive. C. Tchambuli men accepted domestic positions. D. Samoan women were very chaste. Question 20 of 40 2.5/ 2.5 Points Max Weber suggested that people are stratified by all of the following EXCEPT: A. income. B. wealth. C. power. D. prestige. Part 2 of 2 - 37.5/ 50.0 Points Question 21 of 40 2.5/ 2.5 Points What type of authority is based on a general respect for patterns of government? A. Traditional systems B. Rational-legal authority C. Charismatic systems D. Totalitarian authority Question 22 of 40 2.5/ 2.5 Points According to Graves, all of the following are pillars of racist thought prevalent in the United States EXCEPT: A. biological races exist in the human species. B. race differences do not change. C. genetic differences determine intelligence. D. genetic differences determine sexual appetites. Question 23 of 40 2.5/ 2.5 Points The study of the political life is relevant to sociology because: A. all societies have always had some form of government. B. the relationship between power and authority are a part of every society.

C. political science and sociology share macro and micro components and an interest in how structures influence individuals. D. All of the above Question 24 of 40 0.0/ 2.5 Points Current examples of institutional discrimination include all of the following EXCEPT: A. environmental discrimination. B. poor-quality schools. C. inadequate public transportation. D. individual acts of bigotry. Question 25 of 40 0.0/ 2.5 Points The Democratic party of the United States supports: A. smaller government. B. reduced regulations for business. C. increased regulation of private institutions. D. reduced taxes on the wealthy. Question 26 of 40 2.5/ 2.5 Points The largest migration to the United States occurred: A. from 1820-1880. B. from 1880-1920. C. during the Great Depression. D. during the early 1700s. Question 27 of 40 2.5/ 2.5 Points The Trail of Tears involved: A. a trail leading from New York to Indiana. B. forced relocation of Native Americans. C. an emotional reaction to racism. D. one of the medical implications of racism. Question 28 of 40 2.5/ 2.5 Points In The Race Myth, Joseph L. Graves asserts that race is: A. a biological construct. B. a social construct. C. nonexistent. D. an outdated concept. Question 29 of 40 0.0/ 2.5 Points Ellis Cose in The Rage of the Privileged Class found that many successful African Americans confront: A. raised expectations. B. faint praise. C. identity clarification. D. a welcoming majority.

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