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New Towns – An Investigation on Urbanism

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ong>Newong> Bombay, India Bombay and to share in housing the phenomenal growth of urban population in the Bombay Metropolitan region. Manali and Ennore are planned as urban nodes along the transport corridors of Metropolitan Madras. A population and activity redistribution within the Calcutta Metropolitan District is the strategy for restructuring the metropolis; for this strategy, new towns like Kona and Salt Lake City, have been proposed within the corporation limits. Similarly, Rohini is now under construction as a new city for a population of about one million within the planned framework of the Master Plan for the Delhi Urban Area. ong>Newong> Okhla is another new town being developed across the river Yamuna and close to ong>Newong> Delhi; Faridabad was once planned as a refugee town, but it has now grown to be a prosperous industrial town and is functionally a satellite to Delhi. Ramachandrapuram and Mohali are proposed as new towns to provide an economic spurt to the backward hinterland of Hyderabad.” 57 South Korea When Korea gained its independence from Japan in 1948 the Korean government played a key role in planning processes. Implementation of the plans was carried on through the government’s local administrations and 232 ong>Newong> ong>Townsong>

public companies, for example, the Seoul Housing Corporation and the ong>Newong> ong>Townsong> Development Office. Construction of new settlements was part of the policies included in Noh Tae Woo’s manifesto during his presidential campaign in 1989. Two million houses were envisaged to remedy the lack of housing and to allay the intense speculation that was rife in the real estate market. Five new cities were founded in the metropolitan area of Seoul to accommodate between 100,000 and 500,000 inhabitants: Bundang, Ilsan, Jungdong, Pyeongchon and Sanbon. 58 The towns were located along the main arterial thoroughfares at a distance of twenty-five kilometers from the business district of the metropolis. Changes to the plan were made in the eighties, initially when some of the country’s major industries, Daewoo, Samsung and Hyundai (that had grown thanks to government subsidies) entered international markets and the real estate business, and then later on when the City Development Act was passed in 2000. The act allowed the private sector to take part in the construction of new towns. Eleven cities were envisaged between 2002 and 2016, all located a distance of twenty to sixty kilometers from the urban center. Although these cities were initially designed to remedy the mistakes made during the first construction phase, they ultimately became quantitative settlements without the busy, varied life of historically stratified cities. Songdo, South Korea Reasons for Foundation and Events Regarding ong>Newong> ong>Townsong> 233