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How to Backup Photos on Samsung S9S9 Edge Here we provide you several useful methods to perform Samsung S9 photos backup.

Step 3:

Step 3: ong>Backupong> phoong>toong>s on Samsung S9 To backup phoong>toong>s only, you can tick off the "Phoong>toong>s" tab. After that, just give a click on "Start Copy" butong>toong>n ong>toong> backup all phoong>toong>s on your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Edge ong>toong> your computer.

Solution 2: ong>Backupong> Galaxy S9/S9 Edge Phoong>toong>s ong>toong> PC via File Explorer Since Android devices can be used as USB devices once they have been connected ong>toong> computer via USB cable, you can also transfer content from your Samsung S9 or S9 Edge ong>toong> your computer via its file explorer. It is easy ong>toong> perform. Step 1: Link your S9 ong>toong> your system via a USB cable. Then, here is a list of options appearing on the phone screen, from which you should select how you want ong>toong> establish the connection. Here, you should choose PTP ong>toong> transfer phoong>toong>s only. Or, you can also choose MTP ong>toong> transfer all media files. Step 2: Next, launch the file explorer of your system and open the device song>toong>rage. Locate ong>toong> the DCIM folder where your phoong>toong>s will be saved in. Open the DCIM folder and select the phoong>toong>s you want ong>toong> backup. Copy and paste them ong>toong> a secure location on your system.

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