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S07 Exam 3 Answers (Ashworth College)

S07 Exam 3 Answers (Ashworth

S07 Exam 3 Answers (Ashworth College) BUY HERE⬊ exam-3-answers-ashworth-college/ S07 Exam 3 Answers (Ashworth College) 1. After contracting an actual acute illness, some individuals exhibit signs of which of the following, as they fear they are not over the illness or worry that they need to limit activities? 2. Kari states that she is “in a bad place” in her head. She feels down, has little appetite, and has noticed some weight loss. Lately, she is not interested in any of her usual activities because they leave her feeling empty and are just “too much effort.” She is indifferent to friends and family and has begun having recurrent thoughts of suicide. Kari is best described as suffering from _____ disorder. 3. Heather complains of weakness in the left side of her body, nausea, difficulty walking, and severe headaches. Although she has had a complete medical work-up, no physiological basis for her complaints has been found. Despite this medical clearance, she does not feel well enough to return to college studies. Which of the following best describes Heather’s symptoms? 4. Glove anesthesia involves: 5. “Doctor, I know I have a terrible disease and you just aren’t telling me. I do not believe you when you say everything checked out okay.” Which DSM-5 diagnosis might be typical for someone making those comments? 6. Whereas adults with mania experience a euphoric high, children with the same condition: 7. Dr. Albornoz is a scientist researching the genetic variations of a particular gene among family members with a mood disorder. He intends to contrast these findings with a matched sample of families without the disorder. What method of study is Dr. Albornoz employing? 8. Enrique was recently involved in a tragic accident in which his wife was killed. Following the accident, he ate little and found himself unable to fall asleep despite the fact that he was physically and emotionally exhausted. His family became very concerned about him. Given the limited amount of information presented, what do you know about this case? 9. A patient committed suicide. In an attempt to better understand factors leading up to this death, the therapist interviews the patient’s family, co-workers, friends, and treating physicians. This approach is known as a: 10. When both manic and depressive episodes are present, the person is said to suffer from: 11. Maria has had a week of extreme “ups and downs.” On Monday, after a wonderful weekend of homecoming events, she noticed herself feeling a bit blue and saddened. At first, she suspected it was just the let down after all of the activities; however, her mood darkened until Friday when she found herself “over the moon” for no apparent reason. She was happy, carefree, full of energy, and exceedingly optimistic about her career. She even managed to whip out a 25-page research paper for her Research Methods class before nightfall. She loved these periods of boundless energy as they allowed her to accomplish much work with little need for sleep or eating. Given this overview of Maria’s behavior during the week, what might be a clinical descriptor for it? 12. Under what condition would a person be diagnosed with somatic symptom disorder? 13. Somatic symptom disorders were originally known as: 14. Marne is a 21-year-old male with a history of major depression and previous suicide attempts. How would you categorize his risk of a completed suicide in the future? 15. In 1859, ________ wrote a paper describing psychiatric patients whose disorders appeared to lack medical causes for their distress. 16. Toby is being seen in therapy as a suicide risk. He has said that he is enrolled in college but not attending classes, has disconnected with his family, and has stopped going to his part-time job. Psychologists would term these conditions as a risk factor called:

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