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IES 2 AUTUMN 2013 STANFORD BUSINESS BOUNDAR CONTENTS “Truly innovative products are often the ones that bring ideas from across categorical boundaries.” — Jesper Sørensen on the challenges of explaining game-changing new ideas PAGE 41 22 ETHICS Marina Krakovsky How do you encourage honesty? ORGANIZATIONS 30 INFLUENCE Michael Freedman How do you manage the boss? 34 GENDER David Larcker and Brian Tayan What’s changed for women on boards of directors? Stanford Business INSIGHTS AND IDEAS FROM STANFORD GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AUTUMN 2013 VOLUME 81, NUMBER 3 LIVES 08 ENTREPRENEURSHIP Michael Freedman Why you should “ignore the naysayers” 11 INSPIRATION Erika Brown Ekiel and Bill Snyder Pushing the boundaries in business and life 16 INNOVATION Baba Shiv How do you come up with breakthrough ideas? 20 PERSUASION Marina Krakovsky Why you should never be afraid to ask 24 RESILIENCE Joel Peterson Isolation is never the answer to stress and despair. 26 WELLBEING Marina Krakovsky Defeat your internal saboteurs. Irv Grousbeck PAGE 8 36 TECHNOLOGY Kathleen O’Toole How Big Data changes competition and management 39 GOVERNANCE David Larcker and Brian Tayan Exploring the line between trust and regulation 41 MESSAGING Jesper Sørensen How do you explain a genuinely novel innovation? 44 MARKETS Edmund L. Andrews How Twitter can help companies break through the market noise Top: Brown Bird Design; bottom: David Robert Elliott

3 Inside a Sierra Leone polling station during the nation’s 2012 presidential election PAGE 48 Reuters/Joe Penney WORLD 48 GOVERNMENT Kathleen O’Toole Research in Sierra Leone explores the role of information in democracy. 52 POLITICS Kerry A. Dolan A Buenos Aires group tries to bring together a fractious nation. 56 BORDERS Janine Zacharia Are American fears of immigration overstated? 58 FINANCE Edmund L. Andrews Are institutional investors too parochial? 60 NETWORKS Graham Button A team of researchers explores health care delivery in Africa. 01 A LETTER FROM THE DEAN Garth Saloner 04 INTRODUCTION Boundaries 63 EXCHANGE Thoughts on “boundaries” 64 INDEX 65 CLASS NOTES: NEWS ABOUT YOUR CLASSMATES 66 WHO’S DOING WHAT, WHERE 69 FROM THE ARCHIVES The wealth of a nation 120 VOICES FROM THE TOWN SQUARE What do boundaries mean to you? Cover illustration by Ben Wiseman