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IES 6 BOUNDAR IN THE MAGAZINE Janine Zacharia, the author of our story on immigration on page 56, has reported on Israel, the Middle East, and U.S. foreign policy for close to two decades, including stints as Jerusalem Bureau Chief for the Washington Post, chief diplomatic correspondent for Bloomberg News, Washington bureau chief for the Jerusalem Post, and Jerusalem correspondent for Reuters. You can find her recent interview with scholar, diplomat, and businessman George Shultz on our website, at Zacharia is currently a visiting lecturer in the Department of Communication at Stanford. Follow her on Twitter @janinezacharia Kerry A. Dolan interviewed Alan Clutterbuck for a story on page 52 about an organization’s attempt to bring together Argentina’s politicians. A San Francisco-based senior editor at Forbes, her reporting has taken her around the globe, most often to Latin America. Follow her on Twitter @KerryDolan ON THE WEB Edmund L. Andrews was a business and economics correspondent at the New York Times for two decades, and is now a writer and consultant in Lake Tahoe, Nev. He wrote two stories for this issue of Stanford Business: a look at research that examines Twitter’s effect on small, publicly traded companies, on page 44, and, on page 58, a story that explores why institutional investors tend to stay close to home in their investments. Kathleen O’Toole interviewed Susan Athey for a story on page 36 about how big data affects management, and Katherine Casey about her work in Sierra Leone, on page 48. The senior editor at Stanford Business, she is a former city editor and reporter for the Oakland, Calif., and Rochester, N.Y., daily newspapers and for the Stanford News Service. See how Robyn Sue Fisher invented a one-of-a-kind ice cream maker that uses liquid nitrogen to turn fresh ingredients into ice cream in 60 seconds — and more at AUTUMN 2013 STANFORD BUSINESS EDITORIAL EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Michael Freedman SENIOR EDITOR Kathleen O’Toole CLASS NOTES EDITOR Christa Amsden MANAGER, EDITORIAL OPERATIONS Deborah Petersen CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Loren Mooney COPY EDITORS Heidi Beck, Kate Kimelman, Malinda Petersen, Gale Sperry, Wendy Zuckerman ART ART DIRECTION & DESIGN Luke Hayman, Shigeto Akiyama, Pentagram PHOTO EDITOR Ayanna Quint CLASS NOTES LAYOUT Sally Hermanto PRODUCTION MANUFACTURING Janet Mannheimer, Catherine Fick, Publishing Experts PREPRESS & PRINTING Prepress, Inc. Allen Press We also acknowledge and thank scores of contributors, including colleagues at Stanford GSB, writers, photographers, illustrators, and class secretaries. Stanford Business magazine (ISSN 1094-5423) is published three times annually by Stanford Graduate School of Business. Copyright by the Board of Trustees of Leland Stanford Junior University. All rights reserved. Volume 81, Number 3. Printed in the United States. For address changes and other information, contact: Stanford Business, Graduate School of Business Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-7298 Stanford Business Online: “The really big problems in the world are not addressed by just one discipline.” Follow us @StanfordBiz

Entrepreneurship … Inspiration ... Innovation ... Persuasion ... Ethics ... Resilience ... Wellbeing 7 Lives Ben Wiseman “ Are you permanently impaired in your career if you’ve had an entrepreneurial failure? Certainly the answer to that question is ‘no.’” —Irv Grousbeck, PAGE 8