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Algoworks Proposal ANEWU V1.0.pptx

SOLUTION Feature List -

SOLUTION Feature List - Mobile & Web App Login Signup Forgot password Module Features Sub-Features Email Facebook Google+ User sign up as a user into the app through email User can reset their password using this functionality Create profile User can register into the application through Email User can register into the application through Facebook User can register into the application through Google+ The mobile application takes into account sex, age, weight, fitness level and fitness goals to provide a customized workout and meal plan specific to the individual also include profile image Profile Edit profile Personal information' also include veg non veg option for user Option for allergic products such as sex, age, height, weight, body fat

SOLUTION Feature List - Mobile & Web App Fitness Tracker Module Features Sub-Features Fitness tracker Measure heart rate, calories Track Water consumption Track calories Track user's steps and distance travelled Track weight Fitness track weekly, monthly daily User can track their fitness from the application Need mobile application to tie into third party APIs such as pedometer based apps, heart rate apps, calorie counting apps, etc. Allow users to keep track of water consumption User can track calories intake per day and burn , weight based on exercise input Allow users to keep track of steps or distance traveled for calories burned User can track weight based on exercise input

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